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Han Seo Hee says Wonho drove illegally without license as minor & responds to his exit from MONSTA X


Han Seo Heemade another allegation against Wonho before his official withdrawal from MONSTA X

Along with her girlfriend Jung Da Eun's claims of Wonho's unpaid debt, Han Seo Hee claimed Wonho spent time at a juvenile detention center during his high school years. In the midst of the controversy, netizens took to Jung Da Eun's social media, accusing her of driving illegally as a minor without a license and calling her a "murderer in training." Han Seo Hee responded to the comment, stating, "Yeah, but do you know that both [Wonho] and [Jung Da Eun] didn't have driver's licenses? What can you do now? [Wonho] is a murderer in training too."

Soon after the news of Wonho's exit from MONSTA X, Han Seo Hee also made the post on Instagram below. She wrote, "Hey~~~! Even if you leave, you need to pay back Da Eun~~!!! Cough up the money, you bastard."

In other news, Wonho wrote a letter to fans following the news of his leave from MONSTA X.

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Kirsty_Louise8,916 pts 21 days ago 11
21 days ago

What the fuck is wrong with her, seriously! Imagine being the type of person who takes joy in destroing people's lives. This isn't about money being owed or anything else, they've deliberately ruined Wonho. Taken a man's career from him and still continue to kick him while he's down. Disgusting.


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bluebaybabe89515 pts 21 days ago 2
21 days ago

What is wrong with this woman?!? She needs to be in a mental institute, she is a danger to everyone because clearly she isn’t happy with the way her life turned out and wants to take everyone down for it.


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