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IN2IT's Kim Sung Hyun says CJ ENM is demanding 100,000 USD in damages for ending his contract


Shortly after MMO Entertainment's official announcement that IN2IT member Kim Sung Hyun would be leaving the group, Kim Sung Hyun himself took to his personal Instagram to explain his situation from his perspective. 

According to Kim Sung Hyun, "After signing my contract to be a part of IN2IT, I have never once received any type of monetary earnings including any sort of contract payments. Other than a monthly fee of 50,000 KRW (~ 41 USD) used for paying our mobile phone plans which we've received for the past year, I have never received any monetary payments in my past 2 years as IN2IT. I know that many idols must promote much longer and much more actively before they can begin making earnings. However, I have not been able to promote for the past year in Korea, since IN2IT's 'Sorry For My English' promotions a year ago. Frustrated, I would ask my company for any news on our next promotion plans, but the only response we received was negativity as the company claimed that it was now difficult to invest any more funds into IN2IT, due to the large amount of money invested in 'Boys 24'; I never once heard any detailed answers regarding our group's promotions other than that it was 'in the works'."

Kim Sung Hyun further added on that during his promotions as a member of IN2IT as well as after the end of 'Produce X 101', he struggled due to the fact that his family was facing financial trouble, and he was unable to be of any help to them. He explained that he tried to ask his company for individual promotions, but the company absolutely forbid the idea of a solo fan meeting. 

When Kim Sung Hyun attempted to confide in his company about his family's financial struggles, including the fact that his father had to quit his work due to severe health issues, the company allegedly responded, "First, the company demanded fees for damages amounting to 30,000,000 KRW (~ 292,100 USD). Then, the company president asked me to wait while they discussed the amount with CJ. A few days later, the president contacted my father demanding fees for damages amounting to 120,000,000 KRW (~ 100,150 USD), and that they would officially announce my departure from IN2IT to the press. I was told that I would be leaving IN2IT, and that my contract would come to an end only after I paid for the damages."

Kim Sung Hyun continued to express his frustration with, "According to our president, they invested too much money during 'Boys 24' so that there are no funds available to use for IN2IT, but for me, I feel that enduring the rigorous survival process of 'Boys 24' and debuting with the team name IN2IT was poison to my life. If the president's decision holds, then until I am able to pay for the amount in damages requested, I cannot continue promoting in entertainment in any way, and I will be unable to take ahold of any opportunities to thank the fans who showed their love for me in any way." 

Finally, the idol thanked his fans as well as his fellow IN2IT members for the past few years. 

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Sminsky628 pts Thursday, September 5, 2019 9
Thursday, September 5, 2019

As I said before many times, MMO and LM (all under CJ ) are snakes. He signed contract with MMO, yet they take instructions from CJ. No wonder Kang Daniel wanted to break away from LM.


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sandybee3402 pts Thursday, September 5, 2019 0
Thursday, September 5, 2019

CJ ENM has done so many shady things, but since they don't have a certain name, nobody cares.



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