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A close acquaintance of Lee Hyori speaks up about the 'Karaoke incident'


Singer Lee Hyori and YoonA from Girls' Generation had recently been under fire for their karaoke outing, going against COVID19 precautions

After the incident, a close acquaintance of Lee Hyori spoke up about the event on the 2nd. The acquaintance revealed that "It is true Lee Hyori and YoonA visited a karaoke with other acquaintances after having a light drink yesterday (1st)." Lee Hyori has gained more fans as she promoted under her sub-character, Linda G, and wanted to communicate more closely with her fans. In turn, she decided to greet her fans through a live broadcast.

The close acquaintance continued to state "Lee Hyori realized her carelessness right away when she saw the comments expressing concern. After realizing her mistake, we all left and dispersed to each of our own homes." 

She further revealed that "Hyori deeply realizes that, even though she did not know the precautions, it was a rash decision to visit a karaoke during the whole corona outbreak. She is currently self-reflecting over and over again, feeling apologetic to the fans she disappointed. Also, she feels very apologetic towards YoonA for putting her under heat as well because YoonA was only following Lee Hyori's suggestion. Lee Hyori is feeling very apologetic."

Lee Hyori and YoonA were seen apologizing later through their Instagram posts. After seeing the apologies, the public was relieved and showed a positive reaction because the two stars were able to immediately recognize and apologize for their wrongdoings.

A while back, there was a sudden surge of COVID19 infections caused by the karaoke mics in Korea. Another reason the public was more concerned over Hyori and YoonA even though visiting karaoke was not restricted.

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kpophw454573 pts Thursday, July 2, 2020 1
Thursday, July 2, 2020

under fire??? you must be joking! akp, lol. firstly KNETZ DEFEND YOONA and HYORI because they both didn't do anything wrong. Just that sh*t Journalist and some dumb haters are the ones who is overracting. they are trying so hard make a stup*d issue of nothing. There are many people interacting on a set of Kfilm or kdrama or TV music shows without masks and nobody made a problem/issue of it. Well.
This was Just 2 close friends in a PRIVATE ktv room, wearing masks and also respecting the norms of that place. Therefore There is no problem/issue or controversy here.
, Yoona and HYori don't need to apologize.


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elfsoneeel201 pts Thursday, July 2, 2020 1
Thursday, July 2, 2020

this is so st u pid! what is wrong with that tr a sh reporter like seriously? spreading fake news and info. with overraction where there is not a true issue.


This was just YOONA and [ONE] close friend in a PRIVATE ktv room and also wearing masks, is not like they are having a concert with staff and fans. * Ktv room is open to public and not prohibited in south korea *


YoonA and Hyori literally didnt need to apologize. they BOTH did NOTHING wrong.


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