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'Telegram Nth Room' suspect Jo Joo Bin claims he was involved in schemes against A Pink's Bomi, Shin Se Kyung, and Joo Jin Mo


'Telegram Nth Room' suspect Jo Joo Bin aka 'Baksahas claimed he was involved in schemes against A Pink's Bomi, Shin Se Kyung, and Joo Jin Mo.

After being sent to prosecution on March 25, Jo Joo Bin's chat logs have revealed his claims about being behind a number of schemes against celebrities. On March 27, reports revealed the 'Telegram Nth Room' main suspect reportedly ordered the illegal hidden camera filming of Bomi and Shin Se Kyung, which became a big controversy in 2018. Both female celebrities were filming for Olive TV's variety show 'Food Cart Without Borders' when they came across a hidden camera in their dorm room.

According to a report by Wikitree, a chat log from January 31 of this year reveals Jo Joo Bin claimed to have been behind the cameras. He stated in the chat log, "We have many hidden cameras of celebrities. The staff member that was caught trying to get hidden camera footage of Shin Se Kyung got caught, so he asked us to pay for it. We haven't done this before, so we got caught because we were inexperienced." Jo Joo Bin further stated the staff member would have been paid 3 million Won ($2,453 USD) if successful. However, it hasn't been confirmed whether or not his claims are true. 

In another chat log from January, Jo Joo Bin alleged to be the blackmailer behind actor Joo Jin Mo's recent phone hacking scandal. He stated in the Telegram chat, "Don't you know that Baksa is the one who cracked Joo Jin Mo? I didn't hack into his account. I logged in. Joo Jin Mo made a media play first, so I opened up the text messages. Joo Jin Mo's KakaoTalk is dirty." However, police have found Jo Joo Bin's claim about his involvement in Joo Jin Mo's scandal is false. A police official stated, "There is no evidence that Jo threatened Joo."

As previously reported, the identity of the main suspect involved in the frightening sex trafficking controversy has been revealed as 25-year-old Jo Joo Bin who used the pseudonym 'Baksa'. Through the 'Telegram Nth Room', perpetrators opened chat rooms through the service Telegram to share sexually explicit photos and videos of female victims, including minors, to some 260,000 users. It's reported blackmail was used to coerce victims into violent acts, including sexual assault, and videos of the acts were sold to users. Jo Joo Bin is also said to have sent reporters threatening messages and plotted to kill a child.

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jae-hun97 pts Friday, March 27, 2020 1
Friday, March 27, 2020

We don't want the names of the celebrities who are victims we want the names of the celebrities who are guilty, can he open his mouth to be useful for once?


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borahae7,673 pts Friday, March 27, 2020 2
Friday, March 27, 2020

so now mofo is trying to build himself a name by claiming crimes of the others? pure psychopath move, he is not sorry about anything, he needs to be locked up for life with other inmates knowing what he did and have him at their full mercy.


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