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Identity of the main suspect behind sex trafficking scandal 'Telegram Nth Room' publicly revealed


The identity of the main suspect involved in the 'Telegram Nth Room' scandal has been revealed.

The suspect's name is Jo Joo Bin and is 25 years old and went under the user name of 'Baksa'. He graduated college in 2018 and reports state that he was majoring in Information and Communications but was good at writing and won first place in his school's book report contest. He was also the editor of the school newspaper, writing editorials. He also won multiple scholarships for having good grades, but according to colleagues had "trouble with professors... he was just trouble in general." However, a past colleague stated that many would have never imagined him to end up in this manner. It seems like he started the 'Nth room' in 2018. 

He was arrested on March 19 for operating the controversial chatroom involving the sex trafficking of underage girls, in addition to a myriad of violent crimes committed against over 70 women. It has been reported that the videos containing these crimes have been sold to over 260,000 men.

Since the news, netizens and celebrities alike have been demanding that the identities of all 'nth room' users be revealed.

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Cut his balls off and write loser on his skin. All people related to that should be revealed. Those 260 00 people that paid to watch torture and how to groom kids and women into slavery and blackmail should be traced and punished for funding a crime and aiding crime against humanity


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