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Kim Shin Young personally refutes baseless dating rumors with former Oh My Girl member Jiho


On the May 20 broadcast of MBC FM4U's radio program 'Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope', comedian Kim Shin Young personally addressed recent rumors surrounding her and former Oh My Girl member Jiho

Earlier this week, rumors that comedian Kim Shin Young and Jiho were dating, and even speculations that their relationship was the reason why Jiho decided to leave Oh My Girl, spread via numerous online communities  

Now, during her very own radio program, Kim Shin Young opened up by saying, "For the first time in so many years, people sent me so many messages in various group chat rooms. They sent me all of the links, so I looked at all of them. Some really baseless rumors have been going around. But my rumors are usually like this, always in the extremes, no middles. At first, I was like, 'There's no way anyone actually believes in this stuff', but apparently, it has been going around a lot."

Kim Shin Young continued, "The staff of this radio program know me very well, so they know that I love giving people stuff. So when that's the reason for these rumors, it's just ridiculous. And in the comments, there are so many malicious attacks about my face and my outer appearance. But I'm going to say right now that if you meet me in real life, I promise you, I'm not that ugly. A lot of people are calling me 'grandma', but for someone in her forties, I look pretty young."

The comedian then emphasized, "The most important thing about this is that the rumors are not true. Wow, I had no idea that I appealed to people in that regard. But to be honest, we can't just wave this off as another funny rumor, because some people may have been hurt. You people are not taking responsibility for your hurtful comments. If there's something you really want to say to me, come see me at MBC."

Lastly, Kim Shin Young relayed, "There is a close dongsaeng of mine who is starting a new chapter of her life. So please cheer her on. Please do not stand in the way of someone with such a bright future, and cheer for her with a good heart. Once again, I'm going to say, it's not true. Yes, it's true that she wore my clothes once. But I let her borrow it. That's all." 

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Pisces9710,273 pts Friday, May 20, 2022 0
Friday, May 20, 2022

I feel bad for her, the comments were mean tbh. I had a feeling they were sharing clothes or something.

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miitsss581 pts Friday, May 20, 2022 0
Friday, May 20, 2022

KSY is one of the most charming MCs that's out there - and ever since her invincible youth days she has fostered her connection with idols not dismissing them as mere idols (hell, that show helped her become more known because of the idols cast members). I don't understand why people assume her friendships with Jiho would be any different than with the legion of girl group members she has been friends with over the years... Narsha, Sunny, SNSD members, AOA members, Goo Hara, Hani, Jisook, Apink, Girl's Day and IOI members the list goes on and on

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