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MAMAMOO's Whee In joins Ravi's label 'THE L1VE'


MAMAMOO's Whee In has reportedly signed an exclusive contract with THE L1VE.

According to the media reports on August 9th, Whee In, after parting ways with RBW Entertainment, has signed an exclusive contract with THE L1VE. THE L1VE is a label run by VIXX's Ravi, and is currently home to Ailee. Unlike Ravi's hip hop label GROOVL1N, THE L1VE plans to host and support artists of various genres. 

Whee In has shown her credibility as a strong vocalist since her debut as a MAMAMOO member in 2014. Previously, it was reported she was in talks with Jay Park's H1GHR MUSIC, however, she will continue her music career with the support from THE L1VE. 

Best of luck to Whee In!

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chainyviolet Allkill VIP 9,245 pts Monday, August 9, 2021 2
Monday, August 9, 2021

I hope it works out for Whee in! She's an amazing and talented artist who deserves the best!


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Arieka365 pts Monday, August 9, 2021 5
Monday, August 9, 2021

For ones who don't know much about ravi I want to explain why the l1ve might be the best for her. The l1ve is ravi's second label and unlike other label which focuses on hip hop this label is for kpop and other genres. Wheein will be the second artist after ailee if she joins.

For me the biggest reason in her decision is she didn't left mamamoo even though she left the company, that means her new label must let her promote in mamamoo activities while having her as a solo artist and ravi himself does this. He also left his company but signed a special contract that allows him to promote with vixx whenever they had a schedule. Ravi can and would help wheein to promote with mamamoo because he knows how it feels from first hand experience.

My second reason is ravi don't like copying old popular themes and he loves experiencing and pushing limits with his music. He would help wheein to find her own kind of music and would give her freedom in experiencing new genres and make her own music.

Third is ravi really values talent and would support his artists. He would be sure they're doing fine and has no problem since he started from bottom and know how hard it is to be an idol especially from an unknown company too well.

Lastly, wheein and ravi are prolably really close and already talked about things. I know ravi is close with solar and moonbyul and he is also friends with many female artist like Jamie. Unlike the rumour non fans started based on a song, ravi is one of the most respectful artist towards other artists and women. You can find videos of him and his group helping female idols and also you can find videos of female artist being comfortable with him while they're cold to other male idols. His group was rumored to be gays because they never had a relationship scandal and they become friends with every girl group they met. He also respects artist's work and despite being a rapper he hates dissing others. He even wrote a song named diss hater to bobby when he dissed ravi in one of his songs and told him they both are idols and doing the same thing so there is no need to be negative.

If she signs the contract I'm sure the l1ve would be the best for her and her music


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