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Netizens applaud TOMORROW x TOGETHER Taehyun's creative way of sneezing 'the correct way'


TOMORROW x TOGETHER member Taehyun is known for being very strict when it comes to health and safety guidelines, such as when sneezing. 

Taehyun has emphasized with fans during his broadcasts, "You cannot sneeze into you hand. You must sneeze into your elbow." 

But fans have noticed that Taehyun gets a little more creative with his sneezes than just simply using his elbow! While also preventing the spread of germs by keeping his hands away during a sneeze, Taehyun even manages to look like a K-Pop idol doing it!

Seeing this, netizens applauded the idol's emphasis on "the correct way" to sneeze, and said, 

"Is this a public health advertisement kekekeke."
"When he coughs or sneezes during a live he's always like, 'Don't worry, my temperature is 36.5 degrees Celsius'."
"Why is he doing the dab every time he sneezes kekekeke."
"Why does he remind me of 'Crayon Shinchan' kekekeke."
"If you raise up your other arm as well, you can make sure no germs end up on your hands kekekeke."
"I think it became a habit because of this whole pandemic TT. But it's cute."
"The K-Pop way to maintain health guidelines kekekeke."

Who's going to try Taehyun's way of sneezing next time?

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EverydayJiayou413 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

It's common sense. If you sneezed into your hand, any adult would find that disgusting and would refuse to shake your hand. I teach this to kids I work with at school so it can become habitual for them later on.



nina97x11,479 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

That’s so common in where I live. I was surprised when Heechul first posted about it teaching his followers. 👁 👄 👁



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