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One of "Youth with You" trainees mother revealed to be an expert send to Wuhan to battle coronavirus outbreak


During the eight episode of "Youth With You" trainees finally got a chance to make phone calls to their beloved family members. During a heartbreaking phone call between Sun Rui and her mother, we learn that Sun Rui's mother will be sent to Wuhan with other experts to battle the coronavirus outbreak.

Sun Rui: You're going there?
Mother: Yes. I need to be prepared. As a member of the prepared expert team for Wuhan. I need to be prepared all the time. If we are asked to go there, we have to leave immediately. - pause - Hello, Sweetie?
Sun Rui (in tears): Protect yourself well.
Mother: OK, OK, it's fine. Now you need to march forward, and don't retreat.
Sun Rui: Don't get sick.
Mother: (You) Got it, go for it.
Sun Rui: Ok, mom I need to go downstairs and practice now. You must be healthy. Don't, don't get sick.
Mother: Ok, Sweetie.
Sun Rui: Bye, bye.
Mother: Bye. bye.
Sun Rui: Don't,  don't get sick.
Mother (crying): Ok, Ok.
Sun Rui: Bye, bye
Mother: Bye, bye
Sun Rui: Don't get sick, good luck.

Additional note: Mind that this episode was recorded a few weeks ago.

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    Sunday, April 5, 2020


    If it's true, I have alot of respect for her mum. As a person studying to someday work in that field, I admire her mum's bravery and courage~ ❤



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    Sunday, April 5, 2020

    Okay that made me tear up a little 😕



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