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Jo Jung Suk reveals why YoonA cried during the filming of 'Exit'


Jo Jung Suk revealed why YoonA cried during the filming of the upcoming disaster-comedy film 'Exit'.

At the July 17th press conference for 'Exit', Jo Jung Suk said about his action scenes with YoonA, "I was able to run even harder because of YoonA. She's really fast. If you actually run with her, you'll know, but YoonA is very fast. Even the female and male athletes asked her how many seconds she runs 100 meters. I think she's athletic because she's good at dancing. There were a lot of scenes that could've been dangerous if we hadn't worked together well, but YoonA was athletic enough to match with me well."

He continued to reveal how much effort YoonA put into the scenes, saying, "I saw YoonA cry because she wanted to run more, but was disappointed that her body wouldn't follow."

'Exit' premieres on July 31 KST. Watch the trailer here if you missed it.

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spicagreate1,186 pts Wednesday, July 17, 2019 0
Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Yoona is an athletic girl. thats good!



sophy4por1,279 pts Wednesday, July 17, 2019 10
Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Yoona went through actual professional training, she is always rigorous with herself, like her body has known training rigor for longer. Yoona always gives her all and want give many more, doesn't matter if its just practice, she always goes hard. she is a professional.

Yoona always was so strong and athletic girl, she was a super girl, but In recent years Yoona has begun to drink beer to accompany her meal, the beer is a great harm to her health and even beauty/visual, the beer decreases oxygen in the blood stream decreasing her vitality, strength, and deteriorating her body and youth, the beer turns the body more lazy and flabby with beer-belly baby, I hope Yoona stops drinking beer, she should only enjoy the wine, Sones know Yoona likes/loves wine, she should accompany her meal with a good wine and not beer. the wine is very healthy. she is a great artists, she needs to take care of her health and beauty. i really miss that super girl Yoona with beautiful slim face and a hot slim body with abs.


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