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GOT7 members hilariously come up with details for an exclusive contract for IGOT7, banning them from ever leaving the fandom


GOT7 and IGOT7 have decided(?) to draw up an exclusive contract, which will prevent any IGOT7s from ever leaving the fandom. 

The whole situation started during GOT7's comeback fan meeting held this past weekend, when leader Jay B's shared a comment which was met with strong disapproval from the rest of the members. Jay B said, "There are so many talented and charming hoobae idol groups these days. So I get that some of you might want to leave our fandom." 

However, hearing Jay B, the members quickly refuted, "No, that is not okay for IGOT7." Youngjae stood up and yelled, "Why would you tell IGOT7 to cheer on other idol groups here, at our fan meeting? IGOT7s should only love us. They can only love us!"

BamBam added on, "I want to suggest something that will make it impossible for you to leave the fandom, even if you want to. So how about we all sign a contract? Then, you won't be able to violate the contract." To this, Mark said, "If anyone ever leaves the fandom, let's become so good that they regret it."

The prospect of drawing up an exclusive contract for IGOT7s was also discussed during GOT7's radio appearance the next day. 

While discussing specific items outlined in the contract, Yugyeom suggested, "It should be that IGOT7s can listen to songs by other artists, but they cannot purchase albums by other artists. Even if they receive albums by other artists as gifts, they must refuse them and say that they can only have GOT7 albums."

Jinyoung also suggested, "You can use placards to cheer on other artists. But don't print the other artist's name on the backside of my placard..."

The next day, even more details of the contract were brought up during GOT7's video fan sign event. 

BamBam suggested, "For damages that you would have to pay if you violate the contract, how about 700 million KRW, since we are GOT7?"

However, BamBam also added on that there is no up front contract payment. "If we give IGOT7s contract payments, I would have no living expenses," the idol argued. 

Are you willing to sign an exclusive contract with GOT7, IGOT7s?

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It's so heartwarming seeing their interaction with each other and their fans. So wholesome and definitely brings warm vibes to us despite the crazy things we hear about happening in the world

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