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TXT is the first K-pop act to be on the cover of 'Teen Vogue'


TXT is the first K-pop act to be on the cover of 'Teen Vogue'!

The boys are featured on Teen Vogue's July cover and participated in an interview. Overall, it's been a transformative year for TXT. In the span of just over a year, members Choi Soobin (19), Choi Yeonjun (20), Choi Beomgyu (19), Kang Taehyun (18), and Huening Kai (birth name Kai Kamal Huening, 17), have added a lofty list of achievements to the group's name since they officially came on the scene, via Korean powerhouse Big Hit Entertainment (home to BTS) in March 2019. Beyond their status as BTS’s “younger brother” group, there’s something special that attracts fans to TXT — empathy, sincerity, and a little bit of magic. TXT has shown that they're willing to be emotionally vulnerable in their music, but they're not trying to grow up too fast. In Teen Vogue's July cover story, TXT members talk about their inspiration, becoming more involved in creating their music, the group's legacy, and more. Plus, in their cover video (seen above), Teen Vogue's first K-pop cover stars share their "first" everything - their first impressions of each other, the first time they saw themselves on a billboard, their first red carpet event, and much more.

Photo Credit: Park Jawook for Teen Vogue

Below are select quotes from TXT's cover interview. For more, read the full Teen Vogue July cover feature with TXT here.

Kang Taehyun on the decision to dedicate the group's discography to documenting their teenage experience:“I think if I had heard this sort of a song when I was young and going through those growing pains, it would’ve been very comforting,” Taehyun says.

Choi Beomgyu on the desire to create the kind of music they wish they had heard when they were coming up:“If just one person can be healed or consoled through our music, or can relate to our music, I think that’s great.”

Choi Yeonjun of their song “Maze in the Mirror”:“It’s our first self-penned song; it’s one that tells our story. It’s a story about us.”

Choi Soobin on connecting with their fans:“I think it’s great that we can create music that appeals and resonates with a new generation of fans and listeners. We enjoy making songs for people in their teens and 20s, and it’s fulfilling. We are growing as part of the process as well, so we want to keep making music that can resonate with this generation.”

Kang Taehyun on TXT's past albums, a set of musical vignettes exploring youth, friendships, and trust:“Working on every album, it’d be a lie to say that there’s no pressure at all, but we try to use that pressure to drive us and motivate us to make our albums as best as we can make them.”
Photo Credit: Park Jawook for Teen Vogue

Kang Taehyun on TXT feeling like they can really be themselves once their schedules are finished for the day:“When all of our activities are done and we go back to our home and I’m with my members, I think that’s when I’m the most comfortable because we really know each other well."

Huening Kai on TXT becoming more confident versions of themselves: “I think when we were starting out, everything was really new and confusing. But as time passed, I developed a little bit more of a sense of responsibility. In the past year, there have been a lot more fans who have come to really appreciate and love our music, so the way I think now is that I want to perform as best as I can to give back some of this love we receive.”

Huening Kai on TXT becoming more active participants in the creative process of their music:“I think I would like to again participate in making songs and also writing the lyrics. I would like to write music that would really move people’s hearts.”

Choi Yeonjun on the group being keen to explore new genres:“Future R&B — that’s one genre I would like to try."

Choi Soobin on the group being keen to explore new genres:“We’ve tried a lot of different genres of music. We didn’t release it as a song, but when we were trainees, we worked on an a cappella song. That’s something we’d like to do in the future, if we can.”

Kang Taehyun on TXT's legacy:“I think seven or ten years from now, we will be continuing to perform as the five of us. Singing, dancing, and performing. It’s what I’d like to be doing. I would like people to remember us as a group that can really have a positive influence, and when they hear our name, it brings a smile to their face.”
Photo Credit: Park Jawook for Teen Vogue

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They are definitely on a roll this year! I'm so happy for them! They totally deserved to grace the cover of Teen Vogue! ~Go TXT!!



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