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Over 800 fans gather in organized protest outside CJ ENM building, demanding X1's re-debut


On January 22, over 800 domestic fans of project group X1 gathered in organized protest outside CJ ENM's main building in Seoul's Mapo-gu, Sangam-dong, raising their voices and calling for the return of X1

One representative from X1's fan club, also known as One It, steppe up and led the protest by stating, "We condemn CJ ENM for dodging their responsibilities regarding X1. CJ ENM is continuing their K-Pop business activities when they have not paid for the damages they caused X1, the victims of their own manipulative controversies. We cannot stand by and allow CJ ENM to call themselves a leader in K-Pop and Hallyu when they fail to take responsibility for X1's disbandment."

Furthermore, the fans gathered demanded that CJ ENM officially confirm X1's re-debut by this January 31, and for CJ ENM to call to order another meeting involving all of the X1 members' companies in preparation for the group's re-debut by February 7. The fans added on that CJ ENM failed to take into consideration the wishes of the X1 members when reaching the decision of disbandment, and therefore "stubbornly tore apart the dreams of the 11 members." 

While Korean One Its gathered outside CJ ENM's building in person to protest X1's disbandment, global fans overseas took to Twitter to show their support for the rally by trending hashtags such as #BringBackNewX1 and #CJTakeTheResponsibility worldwide, as you can see below:

Large trucks and buses protesting X1's disbandment and endorsing the group's continued activities also accompanied the organized protest, garnering the media's attention. 

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NoahL350 pts Wednesday, January 22, 2020 21
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

sadly none of them protest for the victims. the irony.


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iz1f4103 pts Wednesday, January 22, 2020 13
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I still dont get it why they did that to cjenm and not to member agencies. 3 agencies didnt want to hold X1. Do they learn about 'respect other opinions'? If they want to re-debut them, they should tell the agencies first except that 3.


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