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Posted by Rika-go Thursday, December 29, 2022

K-pop idols who went solo in 2022 after the disbandment of their group


Many K-pop artists have made their solo debuts while still being part of a group, while others have gone solo after the disbandment of their group. It isn’t always easy for idols to go solo without their group members. In 2022, many idols whose groups were disbanded made their solo debuts and released their solo works. Some of those debuts are mentioned below.


    Choi Ye-Na was a member of the popular K-pop girl group Iz*One until its disbandment in 2021. On January 17, she dropped her debut mini album, "× ͜   × (SMiLEY)," marking her return to the music industry. The album consists of five tracks, and Yena contributed as a lyricist to four of them, including the title song. The music video for the lead single, "SMILEY," was released on the same date. The lead song features BIBI, who also contributed to the song's lyrics.

    YUJU (GFriend)

      Choi Yu-na, popularly known by her stage name Yuju, is a South Korean singer who formerly belonged to the K-pop girl group GFriend, which was disbanded in 2021. She finally debuted as a soloist early this year. Her debut mini-album "REC." and the music video for the lead track "Play" were made available on January 18. "Play" is a medium-tempo pop song. She contributed to the album's songwriting and composition.

      YEIN (Lovelyz)

        Yein is a K-pop idol who used to be a member and maknae of the girl group Lovelyz. The group was disbanded last year. Following the disbandment, she went solo early this year. On January 25, 2022, she released her digital single titled “Plus n Minus,” along with the music video, and debuted as a soloist. The song is a medium-tempo R&B track that also has a hip-hop vibe. Yein made her first-ever comeback on December 2 with “BUS.”

        YERIN (GFriend)

          Yerin is a South Korean actress and singer who used to be a part of the K-pop girl band GFriend, which disbanded last year. In 2022, she made her highly anticipated solo debut after seven years since her debut as a member of GFriend. Yerin dropped her debut mini album, “ARIA,” on May 18, along with the music video for the lead singer of the same name. The title song is a dance track with a refreshing rhythm. The album consists of five tracks.

          LEE CHAE YEON (IZ*ONE)

            Another former member of the popular girl group Iz*One, Lee Chae Yeon, made her solo debut this year. All IZ*ONE members, including her return to the entertainment industry, were highly anticipated. Lee Chae Yeon dropped her solo debut mini album, “HUSH RUSH,” along with the music video for the lead single of the same name on October 12. The title track is a pop song, and in the music video, she appeared as a cute, lovely vampire. There are four tracks in the album.

            BAEKHO (NU’EST)

              Former NU’EST member Baekho debuted as a solo artist in 2022, almost seven months after the disbandment of the boy band. He made his debut with the group in 2012 and went solo after a decade. On October 12, Baekho released his first mini album, “Absolute Zero.” The same day, the music video for the lead single, “No Rules,” was made available. The debut album has a total of six tracks, and he participated in the writing of the lyrics and production of the album.

              KIM JONGHYEON (NU’EST)

                Kim Jonghyeon, formerly known as JR, was the leader of the now-disbanded K-pop boy band NU’EST. Jonghyeon dropped his first mini album, "MERIDIEM," on November 8 and officially debuted as a solo artist. The music video for the lead song, "Lights," was released on the same day. He participated as a producer and lyricist in his debut album, which is composed of six songs. The lead single is a hip-hop dance track.

                Which solo debut of 2022 has most impressed you? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

                1. Yerin
                2. Yuju
                3. Choi Ye Na
                4. Lee Chae Yeon
                5. (Yein) Jeong Ye In
                6. Kim Jong Hyeon (JR)
                7. Baekho
                8. SOLO DEBUT 2022
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                BlinkOnceMore820 pts Thursday, December 29, 2022 0
                Thursday, December 29, 2022

                All of the solo artists listed here needs more appreciation. Yuju's debut discography is so good it's sad that I don't see her getting nominated in Year End Awards

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                Ontohodman46 pts Thursday, December 29, 2022 0
                Thursday, December 29, 2022
                1. APRIL's Kim Chaewon : Tomorrow

                2. APRIL's LeeJinsol : Let Me Out

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