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YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho goes more into depth behind 2NE1's disbandment


YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho is garnering much attention as he claimed that one member's deviation had a large part in 2NE1's disbandment.

On December 17, Lee Jin Ho posted a video with the title, "'found out from a news article?' the truth behind 2NE1's disbandment..." In the video, Lee Jin Ho explained the process in which the girl group had disbanded. This shocking disbandment occurred back in 2016 and came so suddenly to both the members and fans.

Lee Jin Ho began by speaking about the latest hot topic about 2NE1 when CL explained that she had found out about 2NE1's disbandment through a news article. This shocking truth was revealed after many years after the girl group's disbandment. 

On this day, Lee Jin Ho explained that the incident back in 2014 caused the start of the instability of 2NE1. In 2014, it was revealed that member Park Bom was caught trying to smuggle amphetamine tablets back in 2010. Due to this news, there was much controversy surrounding the girl group. Additionally, there were speculations that YG had relations with the Prosecution as Park Bom was not handed over to be prosecuted.

Furthermore, Lee Jin Ho explained that the public opinion of 2NE1 became worse as the YG drug scandal broke out soon after. Additionally, when 2NE1 made a surprise comeback at the 2015 MAMA, some of the Korean netizens criticized that the group made a comeback too soon without a period of self-reflection.

Therefore, it became more difficult for 2NE1 to promote in South Korea. Then in 2016, the members and the agency were discussing the renewal of the contract when there was some conflict between the company and a few members. This was when Minzy decided to leave the group and the company. Lee Jin Ho explained that Minzy expressed her dissatisfaction towards the company as she deleted 2NE1 from her social media.

Lee Jin Ho also revealed that YG and the three members who remained in the group actually were preparing for a comeback album. According to the reporter, YG had difficulties during the preparation of this album due to the continuous unruly actions of one unnamed member.

With one member continuing to deviate from the agency's rules, that one member even made a written contract with Yang Hyun Suk promising to concentrate on the group's promotions. However, she did not abide, and the agency gave up on the girl group leading to the cancelation of the new album and the sudden disbandment announcement.

Thereafter, Park Bom left YG with CL and Dara remaining. When Yang Hyun Suk posted on his social media about recording, CL left a comment saying, "What about me?" with the hashtag, 'Please reply to my text message." This showed that the inner conflict between the members and the agency had continued to grow further. Ultimately, CL left YG in 2019.

Lee Jin Ho explained that the members all had been hurt in the process of the disbandment and was clearly revealed in the latest articles about CL's remark. 

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ashablue324 pts Tuesday, December 21, 2021 3
Tuesday, December 21, 2021

i think everyone knew these things already...reporter didn't uncover anything new

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margana8,619 pts Tuesday, December 21, 2021 8
Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Just about every single statement in the article has been made public already. I always understood 2NE1's disbandment but was always upset about the way Yang Hyun Suk went about it. Bom's "scandal" made it hard for 2NE1 to promote in Korea again. Unlike boy groups who have a legion of fan girls who will continue to purchase albums and go to their concerts regardless, girl groups aren't as fortunate- even for a girl groups as big as 2NE1. Bom continuing to promote under YG would most likely affect YG's reputation (money) also which isn't good for the artists in the company.

Minzy couldn't get a lot of promotions during the hiatus and was always the most overlooked member while being perhaps the most talented one at the same time. Meanwhile, CL was looking to focus on some solo work also (I believe that she always prioritized the group though). The hiatus due to the scandal convinced Minzy to leave.

With arguably their best vocalist, dancer, and 2nd best rapper gone, the group being down to only 3 members, and w/ the public continuing to hate 2NE1, YG had to make the hard decision to disband them.

Again, I never liked how YG handles 2NE1's disbandment and broke the news to them, but I think anyone claiming that the premature disbandment was out of line is wrong.

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