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BTS's Jimin trends worldwide as he enchants with his visuals and a captivating interview with 'Vogue Korea'

On December 21, The Inside Story of 'BTS Special' by Vogue Korea was released, consisting of individual member photoshoots and interviews. Fans were left mesmerized by Jimin's visuals and highly praised his captivating interview.

In no time, Jimin had already entered Twitter trends as fans expressed their delight in the interview and marveled at his striking beauty and how alluring he looked. He trended worldwide as high as #5 along with other keywords and also had his individual entry in the worldwide trends rising up to #13. He was the highest trending member on the worldwide trend list.

Korean netizens on the online community platform theqoo could not keep calm either. They praised his beautiful dance lines as seen in the different poses in the photoshoot, and their hearts melted at his boyish beauty, with some pointing out some of his striking features like his eyes and his neck. They also spoke of his unique and mysterious aura, and some confessed that they saw the magazine with Jimin on the cover and bought it right away.

Fans were even more impressed on finding out from the interview that Jimin personally chose the deep pink suit for the photoshoot. His sense of style and fashion is incredible, and he never chooses wrong at any given time, proof being in how breathtaking he looked in the outfit. Here are some of the pictorials from the photoshoot that left fans and netizens in shambles. He is a total heartthrob.

The start of Jimin's interview was full of praise for his artistry in song and dance, his looks, and his unique charms. The interviewer states how everything that Jimin does "evokes a sense of longing in the hearts of fans, and Jimin himself may not even be fully aware of this." Fans did not miss to notice, and the compliments, to which they agreed that Jimin rightfully deserved, and here are some reactions. 

Fans also praised Jimin's character as the interview revealed some of his already known and admirable qualities from how he responded to the questions. Qualities such as his humility even when individually breaking global music records and wanting to continually improve himself as an artist and as an individual could be seen, him always being the biggest source of support and comfort for his fans and anyone around him, and staying true to himself by taking time to reflect and figure out what is important to him. He is genuinely admirable with how he carries himself and his perception of life and different things.

All in all, it was an insightful interview that fans were excited to read, to get to learn more from Jimin and about Jimin. Here is the full interview where Jimin talked of his love for dance, and his growing confidence in his dancing skills, his newly found passion for exercising his body by running. His zeal to keep improving and show more of what he can do, and how he perceives performing in front of people, such as in concerts, among many other things.

Meanwhile, after the release of the interview, Jimin's cover was seen to be selling out the fastest on offline selling platforms. Notably, the cover also ranked as the #1 best seller in South Korea for a full week since pre-orders were opened on three major online book platforms, as well as ranking as the only popular cover on Yahoo Japan for 6 days straight, and the #1 best seller in Hot New Releases on Amazon Japan. Read more here.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

great interview... and i love all the photos

he's stunning as usual


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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

My precious prince 💜💛 looks so gorgeous.

God bless 😊

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