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'I Live Alone' producers post an apology for the Kian84 prank controversy


Earlier this week, the production crew and cast of MBC's variety show 'I Live Alone,' received backlash after they prepared a surprise prank on Kian84. The viewers felt extremely uncomfortable after the episode aired, and criticized the prank as being a "form of bullying."

In the episode, Jun Hyun Moo led Kian84 on with the idea that they were going on a trip with the show's 'Rainbow Club' members, in order to throw Kian84 an 'end of deadlines' shower after he wrapped up his ten-year-long webtoon series. After Kian84 arrived in the countryside with Jun Hyun Moo, he was full of excitement and expressed how much he had prepared for this day by pulling out several T-shirts that he had printed with the members' names on. 

Prior to this, Kian84 was told by the production crew and Jun Hyun Moo that SHINee's Key, actor Sung Hoon, and the other 'Rainbow Club' members would be joining him on the trip with his celebratory event as the main focus.

However, Jun Hyun Moo later revealed disappointing news - none of the members were actually coming. The production team and cast members did not inform Kian84 that no one else would be attending the trip to celebrate him, until after Jun Hyun Moo said he had 'a surprise' for Kian84. He looked visibly upset and was nearly in tears.

As soon as the episode aired, netizens heavily criticized the show saying that they had bullied Kian84. Some even filed a civil complaint against the show. With more and more netizens terrorizing the show's bulletin board with malicious comments criticizing the show's actions, the production team finally issued an apology. 

They wrote on their official Instagram saying, "Hello, this is the production team of 'I Live Alone.' We apologize to everyone who felt discomfort while watching the last episode titled, 'Hyunmoo and Kian84's summer vacation story.' The cast members have done nothing wrong so please refrain from malicious comments attacking them."

Here is the full apology:

"Hello, this is the production team of 'I Live Alone.'
We apologize to everyone who felt discomfort while watching the last episode titled, 'Hyunmoo and Kian84's summer vacation story.'
The rumors of discord between the cast members are not true at all. It was the shortcoming of the production team that lacked a detailed explanation of the situation because we were trying to consider various situations. We will be more careful with production.
Furthermore, the cast members did not do anything wrong so please refrain from malicious comments attacking them.
We will do our best to show a new and improved 'I Live Alone' for the viewers who have loved and supported our show."
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Nisa99691 pts Friday, August 20, 2021 5
Friday, August 20, 2021

You should apologize to kian himself not the public. I don't think they cared to apologize to him


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dchick81128 pts Friday, August 20, 2021 1
Friday, August 20, 2021

So then...what was the reason? They said they didn't have time to explain it on the show, but still didn't explain it in the post...


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