Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hyunjoo's younger brother found 'not guilty' of defamation charges after raising 'bullying' accusations against April


On July 23, a representative of law firm Lee & Kim, representing the family of former April member Hyunjoo, released an official statement to provide an update on the defamation lawsuit filed against Hyunjoo's younger brother. 

Law firm Lee & Kim stated, "Back on June 14, the police ruled that Hyunjoo's younger sibling, who wrote a post titled 'I am a younger sibling of a former April member' on February 28 and another post titled 'I am Lee Hyunjoo's younger sibling' on March 3, is not guilty of defamation of character."

Previously, Hyunjoo's brother raised bullying allegations against the members of April via online community posts, which included claims that Hyunjoo was bullied within the group, that the April members laughed when Hyunjoo's mother visited the idol group's company, that the April members and the manager yelled at Hyunjoo for having rotten food in the car, and more. 

Now, according to law firm Lee & Kim, the police have determined, "It is difficult to conclude that Lee Hyunjoo's brother composed the posts with malicious intent."

The police have further noted that the claims made by Hyunjoo's brother in his community posts were "not distorted excessively from events which occurred in the past, and so they cannot be deemed as 'false rumors'." 

However, law firm Lee & Kim also revealed that the police were unable to disclose exact details as to who filed the lawsuit against Hyunjoo's brother. The law firm plans on filing additional claims in order to obtain the names of those who filed the defamation claims. 

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StriderCrestone99 pts Wednesday, June 23, 2021 6
Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Yeah, its all quite unfortunate. Looking at previous clips and even at prior articles saying this is like the case of T-ara. Its actually not even close. Theres actual videos of them treating Hyunjoo like shit and absolutely NO proof of Hyunjoo being what they claimed a bully. I feel bad for her because in those clips, shes ostracized. She comes off as a super bubbly aegyo filled girl. She was in the wrong group unfortunately. Its unfortunate things came out so late but at least things are being settled now.


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lymli_queen5,422 pts Wednesday, June 23, 2021 0
Wednesday, June 23, 2021

no idea if dsp sued hyunjoo, but I'm sure she'll be found "not guilty" too.

dsp will have to let her go someday and april as group and solos are done. period.

maybe rachel and the other one will be ok 'cause they weren't in the group yet.

and somin left before the drama.



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