Posted by Yaki-Jones Tuesday, March 30, 2021

RBW Entertainment apologizes for 'One-China Principle' statements made across social media


RBW Entertainment responded to the recent incident on social media. 

Previously, the label has received much backlash after making statements in support of the One-China principle across its official social media accounts. On March 30th, the entertainment company posted on Instagram and Weibo a message saying, "Our company has consistently adhered to the One-China Principle".

On March 31st, RBW said, "Earlier this morning the unrepresentative statement, which was never discussed internally, has been posted on our official social media accounts. We have confirmed it was a unilateral decision of one of our employees thus we immediately took down the post as soon as we found out. We apologize for causing confusion. We will implement strict measures to prevent this from recurring. Although it was an employee's independent action, we apologize for causing you trouble." 

RBW, or Rainbow Bridge World, is an entertainment company home to the popular girl group MAMAMOO.

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neverstanned96 pts Tuesday, March 30, 2021 1
Tuesday, March 30, 2021

I just don't buy it that this was a mistake made by a single employee. It feels like the company is just trying to push the blame off onto some anonymous person. They don't mention any disciplinary action being taken against said employee or that the employee has been let go. Even if one employee did make the statement without getting the statement approved by some higher up in the company, that leads me to believe the employee didn't feel the need to have that statement checked as they already knew such a statement was in line with the company's beliefs. The statement was posted on RBW's Weibo and their Instagram.

It's also worth noting that according to these Twitter posts, that RBW seems to have knowingly made the statement in favor of the One-China principle in order to appease Mainland China after one of RBW's Japanese trainees claimed Taiwan and Hong Kong as independent nations and/or after Mainland China noticed RBW labeled Hong Kong and Taiwan separate from China on their own website. I'm guessing the Japanese trainee's statement led to a witch hunt against RBW and the separate listings on their webpage was another nail in the coffin.

So this would mean that RBW was doing purposeful damage control to appease Mainland China, got backlash from other international fans who they then also tried to appease, meaning RBW is confused, spineless, and/or just plain bad at PR management. Now that the subject's been broached, RBW is going to have one hell of a time fixing this mess. They can no longer remain neutral, even if they ignore this issue until the rest of us forget about it. It will always be in the back of people's minds. This issue is way too polarizing for RBW to make both One-China Principle supporters and Taiwan/Hong Kong Independence supporters happy.


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nth2die4230 pts Tuesday, March 30, 2021 4
Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Always find the one china policy funny, like it doesn't specify which one..lol...I'm all in to that if Taiwan is the one


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