Posted by Yaki-Jones Saturday, January 23, 2021

Netizens are split over BTOB's Changsub allegedly showing support for OT7 during their concert


BTOB's Changsub's gesture during the BTOB 4U's concert held earlier today sparked debate online. 

On January 23 around 8 PM KST, a post on a popular online community gained attention for posting the tweet below under the title "Lee Changsub who signed 7 during the concert today..."

Over 1400 netizens shared their thoughts in the comments. Some of the comments are: 

"I don't understand why he couldn't just keep his friendship behind the scenes."

"Well, he is just reassuring their fans. It was a concert for their fans and I see nothing wrong with it. I'm not their stan but I support them." 

"This is just going to worsen the divergence between OT6 and OT7..."

"Dang. It was 5 YEARS. Not 5 months."

"This is it. This is the sign for me to leave the fandom."


"I understand the sentiment but he should read the room."

"Uh, it could just mean 6 BTOB members and Melody equals 7."

Former BTOB member Ilhoon left the group after it was revealed that he was under investigation for habitual marijuana usage. What do you think? 

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tqeil2,683 pts Saturday, January 23, 2021 3
Saturday, January 23, 2021

i honestly don’t think they care if people leave the fandom over this. they’ve known each other for years and are close so this probably really hurt them. idols don’t talk about when members leave and how it makes them feel but they’re still humans with emotions. it’s like fans don’t actually care about how they feel about certain issues and that sucks. so if changsub showing 7 fingers helps him vent out his frustrations, then i say he do it as much as he wants.


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annabts1,240 pts Saturday, January 23, 2021 0
Saturday, January 23, 2021

Why can’t people understand that doing one “bad” deed doesn’t define a person!
they’re friends ffs do you expect him to ditch ilhoon over this?

You may hate smoking weed but if it were someone whom you truly care about you wouldn’t treat them like shit or break off the relationship



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