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Prostitutes 'B' & 'C' testify that they provided service in Seungri's home, Seungri's side denies their claims


Back on December 10, former Big Bang member Seungri attended a 4th military court hearing session, where witnesses 'A', 'B', and 'C' appeared and gave testimonies regarding Seungri's allegations of solicitation of prostitution, procurement of prostitution, and offering prostitution to clients.

On this day, witness 'B' stated in front of the court that she provided prostitution services in Seungri's home in September of 2019. 'B' said, "I didn't know it was Seungri's house at first. I learned that it was Seungri's house when I arrived, and Seungri was there. I received my pay from a third party. Seungri also paid for the taxi which I used to return home."

'B' additionally testified that she provided prostitution services for Seungri's Japanese client at a hotel in Yongsan, Seoul in December of 2015. 

However, Seungri's side denied these claims and refuted, "It doesn't make sense that she learned the home was Seungri's home after arriving there. Seungri did not know that 'B' was a prostitute. Furthermore, in 2015, Seungri was a top singer and so he did not need any investment. He had no incentive to offer prostitution to Japanese investors." 

Another witness 'C' similarly testified that she provided prostitution services at Seungri's home in December of 2015, but to the former Yuri Holdings president, Yoo In Suk. 'C' stated, "I received the information from my seller and went to Seungri's home. I figured it was Seungri's home when I entered the first floor of the apartment. I had my gaze cast down when I entered, so I didn't know who all was there. There were about 3~4 men; I don't remember if Seungri was one of them. I do know that the buyer was Yoo In Suk."

Details of witness 'A's testimony, during which 'A' revealed that he participated in directing prostitutes to clients per orders received from Yoo In Suk, can be found here

Meanwhile, a 5th court hearing will take place on December 29, centered around Seungri's charges of violating food sanitation laws and other business operation laws. Witnesses including former Monkey Museum employees will appear in front of the court. 

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truthhurts123521 pts Thursday, December 10, 2020 21
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Final comparison, just like if you have a house party, as people do, and two people peel off wherever in your house and they hook up. Is it your business to know whether one of them is a prostitute? Or even whether someone paid them to come hook up with them? You don't check everyone's professions at the door. So how would you know?

I'm watching just like everyone else. I'm not deciding one way or another until official conclusion comes about. But a lot of the stuff that is being brought up against him is not as damaging or evidential like people/netizens are trying to make it seem.


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truthhurts123521 pts Thursday, December 10, 2020 9
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Another unrelated thing (really speaking on a hypothetical here): I hear a lot of people state that people-men in particular- shouldn't police women's bodies, (pro-choice, their body their choice!!) but then turn around and do the thing that they target men for. Be 100%. None of the accused women claimed to have been r*ped or anything, so if they are actually prostitues...so tf what? Let them get their bag. You might say it's illegal but abortion was illegal to. They legalized that.


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