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Netizens say that aespa Ningning's avatar looks like BLACKPINK's Lisa


Finally, all the members and their avatar counterparts of SM Entertainment's rookie girl group aespa have been revealed. On November 9 KST, aespa unveiled the photo and teaser clip of member Ningning along with the image of her avatar counterpart.

Since then, some Korean netizens have stated that Ningning's avatar looks vastly like BLACKPINK's Lisa. One netizen made a post on an online community with a side-to-side comparison with ae-Ningning and Lisa. 

The netizen stated that many Korean K-pop fans have stated that ae-Ningning looks too similar to Lisa, starting from the face and even the costume. The netizen posted photos of Lisa from the 2019 Gayo festival, in which Lisa was seen wearing a glittery outfit with abstract prints.

According to the netizen, Lisa's costume back in 2018 was a one-piece dress reformed to be a two-piece and Ae-Ningning's dress seems vastly similar to Lisa's costume.

Korean netizens have been in a fervent discussion whether they believe the character is similar to BLACKPINK's Lisa.

Netizens' Commented:

"I think the avatar does look more like Lisa than Ningning."

"I think they took Lisa's costume as a reference."

"It seems like Lisa was the model for the avatar design. She looks so similar to Lisa."

"I'm not a BLACKPINK fan or an aespa fan, but I think the avatar looks like Lisa."

"Looking at them side to side, I say the avatar looks like Lisa."

"I don't really see the resemblance to either one."

"I would say that avatar can be Lisa's avatar."

"The clothes are similar and her face is similar too."

"Just from the picture, anyone can believe that's Lisa's avatar."

"I think Ningning looks like Lisa; that's why the avatar looks like Lisa."

"To be honest, I think the avatar looks neither like Ningning or Lisa."

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pink_oracle9,777 pts 25 days ago 4
25 days ago

Yep, I definitely see the resemblance.


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taeswife06137,095 pts 25 days ago 0
25 days ago

"The clothes are similar and her face is similar too."

Not a blink anymore or do I stan asepa, but seeing them side by side makes them look similar.



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