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Track List:


2. HANDS UP feat. pH-1


5. COME OVER feat. GRAY, KIM GO EUN, PARK NA RAE, Joon Park, Jeon Hyun Moo, Jessi, Han Hye Jin

6. RADIO (Instrumental) 

JOURNEY marks Henry's first solo album since his departure from SM Entertainment in 2018. Frankly, I have to say this is the best thing that's happened to him in a long time, and I'm glad he left SM if he's making music this good away from them! JOURNEY took me by surprise and I'm pleasantly enthralled by the release. Henry has chosen "RADIO" as the album's title, a light and airy song that suddenly shifts to a booming bass-centered instrumental. The song is a pop-ballad with the piano that carries the melody in an emotional and passionate way.

"HANDS UP" is funky and groovy and has an overall feeling of soul intertwined delicately by Henry's vocals. I preferred this song to his title, as the vibe was so positive and fun to listen to. The chorus is immaculate in flow and is my number 1 track on this album. pH-1 gives such a good, fun, and lighthearted rap that perfectly suits the energy Henry's giving into the song. The song is a must-listen.

"RIGHT NOW" showcases a bouncing electric guitar paired with Henry's enchanting lyricism. On this album, Henry has shown a lot of ability, and on "RIGHT NOW," he proves that his song-writing ability is punctuated and purposeful. The song is refreshing to listen to, but in a minimalist way that leaves a nice longing feeling of positivity. Track 4, "JUST BE ME," takes this mellow feeling and goes further to make a resonant ballad. There's a distinct sadness to the song that is conveyed well by Henry. "JUST BE ME" is entirely in English and features Henry serving other-worldly and seemingly fantastical singing.

Though the album technically ends with "RADIO (Inst.)" we consider "COME OVER" to be the real ending track. With a star-studded list of inclusions, this is a seriously fun and playful ending to his album. Fully loaded with a funky rhythm and feel-good energy that I can see going over well when COVID-19 eventually dwindles down, the song successfully offers a triumphant feeling of self-realized happiness.


The music video for Henry's "RADIO" shows him blinking between scenes and different places. He's seen pacing around after exiting a white jeep in the middle of a remote area surrounded by open-air and greenery. The MV's charm point is the natural landscapes contrasting with Henry's insane visuals. A deer then catches Henry's attention, subsequently leading him into the forest. The CGI on the deer feels a little odd, but the shots that follow are well done- although I can't help but think of Twilight briefly.


MV Relevance…..7

MV Production…..7

MV Concept……..7

MV Score: 7

Album Production…...9

Album Concept……...9


Album Score: 9

Overall: 8.0

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