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Posted by moonkun Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The "Baddest" Male Rappers in Korea


After listing the "baddest" female rappers in Korea, we're back with the list of the "baddest" male rappers in Korea. Check out the list below!


Taking into account the fact that RM’s stage name used to be Rap Monster, there’s no doubt that he is one of the strongest male rappers currently in Kpop! Along with Suga and J-Hope, RM almost always writes his own lyrics, and adds his unique underground rap flair to every BTS song!


Though Chanyeol initially entered SM hoping to be a vocalist, it’s a good thing his potential for rap was spotted early on. Chanyeol’s deep voice graces the rap section of every EXO song. He has become increasingly popular for his emotional rapping in drama OSTs, most notably along with Punch, the OST queen.


G-Dragon is known and accepted by most as the King of Kpop when it comes to rapping. From tracks that are straight fire to more emotional songs, GD can do it all! Big Bang is planning to make a comeback this year after their two-year hiatus, and VIP’s can expect GD to deliver another iconic rap sequence.


Among NCTzens, Mark is known as one of the most hardworking members, seeing as he is in almost every NCT subunit. It’s no wonder why Mark is one of the faces of NCT, since his rapping always completes every NCT song. His Korean-Canadian background makes his rap lyrics especially relatable to his great international fanbase.


In addition to rapping in GOT7, Jackson has carved out a steady career as a solo rapper since his initial debut in 2014. Beyond K-pop, Jackson is also one of the icons of M-pop, having released several viral rap songs in China as well. Not only is Jackson part of JYP Entertainment, but he is also affiliated with 88rising, a media company for Asian hip-hop artists promoting in America.


First gaining popularity as the snaggle-toothed rapper of Wanna One, Woojin is the main rapper of AB6IX under Brand New Music, an entertainment company known for specializing in hip-hop rap culture. Though Woojin suffered a serious knee injury last year, we hope he’ll be back to the rap scene soon!


As part of the YG family, MINO has gained great recognition as a skilled rapper and a talented music producer and artist. One of MINO’s most popular songs is “Fear,” which was released in collaboration with his label senior, Taeyang, and showcased MINO’s raw emotion through his heartbreaking lyrics.


Before Stray Kids’ official debut in 2017 as a result of JYP’s male idol survival, Changbin was part of the rap trio, 3RACHA, along with Bang Chan and J.ONE. Changbin’s role model is G-Dragon, and his specialty is writing dark and horror-inspired rap lyrics.


ZICO debuted as the main rapper and leader of BLOCK B, but has since made a bigger name for himself as a solo artist and even participated on professional rap shows like 'Show Me the Money' as part of the producing team. Some of ZICO’s most famous rap songs include “Okey Dokey,” “Say Yes or No,” “Boys and Girls,” and, of course, TikTok hit, “Any Song.”


Joohoney, the main rapper of Monsta X, is well recognized among rap enthusiasts for his great flow and technique. Having participated in 'Show Me the Money' and 'Tribe of Hip Hop,' Jooheon has been a significant figure in raising the standard for K-pop rappers. 


The Epik High member is a wordsmith with his lyrics. Whenever I look up his lyrics, I'm always amazed at his creativity, which should be no surprise as he graduated from Stanford with honors in English literature and creative writing. In both English and Korean, he covers important topics in society and brings a diverse lyrical theme to Korean hip hop.

Jay Park

Having grown up in Seattle, Jay Park just has a different flavor to your average Korean rapper. He's got plenty of swag, and you have to check out his freestyle on 'Sway In The Morning.'


Flowsik is also another rapper who brings a lot of different flavors compared to your average Korean rapper. He's got that deep husky voice, and his flow screams, "New York." He deserves a lot more attention.


He doesn't really rap in Korean, and he's more of a west coast battle rapper, but his wordplay is just amazing. I love the creativity that he brings.


The founder of Hi-Lite Records. He was an underground rapper for so long but gained a lot of attention after appearing on 'Show Me The Money.' If you want some rapping with substance, you should pay attention to Paloalto.

The Quiett

Along with Paloalto, he's been in the game for a long time. The Quiett went through a bit of a trap/showoff rapper phase with Dok2 during Illionaire, but before and after that phase, he has been a creative rapper while producing dope ass beats.

Tiger JK

The ultimate "hyung" in the industry, Tiger JK has been in the game since the 90s. His style has changed a lot from the Drunken Tiger days, but he's the OG of Korean hip hop.

  1. AB6IX
  2. GD&TOP
  3. Zico
  4. RM (Rap Monster)
  5. Tablo
  6. Chanyeol
  7. Jackson
  8. Jay Park
  9. Jooheon
  10. Mark
  11. Changbin
  12. Song Min Ho (Mino)
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kokko777731 pts Wednesday, October 28, 2020 13
Wednesday, October 28, 2020

No this respect to any of the rappers listed, but this article feels like you've chosen a bunch of idol rappers you personally like and added some generally known "normal" rappers for more credibility. Doesn't seem like you actually put a bit of research into it or really know much about Korean rappers.

Or maybe that's just me... ¯\_( ツ)_/¯


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vaishna295 pts Wednesday, October 28, 2020 2
Wednesday, October 28, 2020

where is simon dominic, loco, and ph-1


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