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Posted by haydn-an Thursday, August 20, 2020

Seven youngest members of girl groups who debuted at a young age and went through a vast growth transformation


As stated before, idol group members sometimes make their debut at a very young age allowing fans and netizens to watch them grow before their very eyes.

Last time, we covered the youngest boy idol groups who have gone through a vast growth spurt. This time, we will cover the girl group members who have grown up on TV as they made their debuts at a young age.

Without further ado, here are the girl group members who have gone through a growth spurt in front of our eyes. The list is not in a particular order and the age of the members are in Korean age.

April - Jinsol

Jinsol made her debut at a young age of 15 back in 2015 with the girl group April. When she debuted, she gave off the innocent little sister vibe as she had not yet fully gone through her pubescent period. Now after five years, Jinsol has completely shed the baby look and fully grown up to be a woman.

A Pink - Hayoung

A Pink is one of the longest-running girl groups in the music industry as they mark their ninth year together as a group. Making their debut back in 2011, the youngest member debuted with the girls at the young age of 16. Although she looked mature for her age back then, she was still a young girl and showed off her youth. Looking back at the photo of her debut, Hayoung indeed debuted at a very young age. Now, after almost ten years, she has completely transformed to vibe the feminine-womanly vibe.

Lovelyz - Yein

Yein made her debut with Lovelyz back in 2014 when she was just 17. when she debuted, she still had the baby fat on her cheeks as she gave off a cute, younger-sister look. It has been six years since her debut and is making her hearts of her fans flutter through her stunning beauty.

Red Velvet - Yeri

Red Velvet made their debut in 2014 as a four-member group. Later, Yeri joined the group in 2015 as the youngest member making Red Velvet a five-member group. Yeri joined the group at the young age of 17. With her cute cheeks, she instantly gained love from her older sisters in the group as well as fans. After five years, she has shed her cuteness and gives off an alluring vibe into her maturity.

Oh My Girl - Arin

Arin also made her debut at the age of 17 with Oh My Girl back in 2015. She gained much love from her fans as she gave off the cute, innocent girly vibe. After losing all her baby fat, Arin has grown up to look more graceful than ever and gives off an elegant mature look.

- Tzuyu

Tzuyu made her debut at a young age of 17 with the group TWICE back in 2015. With her cute, innocent look, she made her way into stardom with the girl group. Now, she remains at the stardom as her beauty matures with her age.

GFriend - Umj

Umji made her debut in 2015 at the age of 18. She made her debut with the group GFriend. Since her debut, Umji was known to have cute puffy cheeks but there was a time Umji was criticized for her chubby cheeks. However, after five years since her debut, Umji shed all her baby fat too look as glamourous as ever. She has solidified her spot in the list of the girl group members who have gone through a vast growth change.

So here are the seven girl group members who have made their debut in their teens and have gone through a vast growth spurt. Let us know if there are more girl group members that are left out on this list!

  1. A Pink
  2. Hayoung
  3. April
  4. Jinsol
  5. GFriend (Girlfriend)
  6. Umji
  7. Lovelyz
  8. (Yein) Jeong Ye In
  9. Oh My Girl
  10. Arin
  11. Red Velvet
  12. Yeri
  13. TWICE
  14. Tzuyu
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Procrastinating1,618 pts Thursday, August 20, 2020 3
Thursday, August 20, 2020

Once again, finding the Korean ages confusing, so here are debut ages by the international system:

Jinsol 13

Hayoung 14

Yein 15

Yeri 16

Arin 15

Tzuyu 16

Umji 16

If we were to include disbanded 2nd gen groups, the list would be much longer as many popular idols debuted at 14-15. Now the work laws in Korea are stricter for anyone under 16, so they usually wait till they are older (which is good imo).


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leehi42xxx573 pts Thursday, August 20, 2020 1
Thursday, August 20, 2020

excuse me but where the hell is minzy? debuted at age 15 in the legendary group 2ne1.


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