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Yang Joon Il clarifies the rumors about his previous marriage and his secret daughter


Singer Yang Joon Il appeared on MBC Every1's 'Video star' and shared his honest feelings with fans.

He appeared on the show on July 7 and clarified the rumors about his ex-wife and his alleged secret daughter. He went on to speak about the topics of his divorce, remarriage, and his possible hidden daughter.

Host Kim Sook seemed a bit hesitant before continuing with the conversation but Yang Joon Il went to assure that it's okay to ask him everything. He said "It's okay. Ask me everything. I got nothing to hide".

Yang Joon Il explained why he had been having a hard time talking about his family in the past. He said "Being talked about and being recognized is the cost of being famous. It's like taxes I must pay. I am willing to pay it but I don't think the people around me should be made to pay it."

Then he was asked if he was married which he replied "Yes". He continued to answer the question saying "I was married before, and everyone knew I was married. I got married in Korea so everyone around me was aware of it." However, the rumor arose when a post was made on social media saying "Yang Joon Il has a daughter. His daughter is living with his ex-wife and they're going through difficulties."

The host asked him to clarify and asked if he had been married previously and if he has a daughter. Yang Joon Il replied, "Yes I have been married previously but no, I do not have a daughter." He stated, "If I had a daughter she should be in her twenties but the girl alleged to be my daughter is only in High School." He explained "That girl is the daughter of my ex-wife. she had the daughter after getting remarried."

Then the host asked if his current wife knew of his previous marriage which Yang Joon Ill answered "Of course. If I lie then the relationship would be based on a lie and the trust would be broken. So my (current) wife knows about this. I'm not foolish enough to lie about such a thing."

On this day, Yang Joon Il continued to show his optimistic personality throughout the interview. He revealed his thoughts on malicious comments on this interview "There will be at least one bad comment among 100 comments. People will say 'How are you a singer when you look like that?' then I think 'I am a singer because I look like this'."  His ever-so positive way of thinking had fans admire him more than they did before.

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tmle40242 pts Tuesday, July 7, 2020 0
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

He answered all the questions, people were "dying" to know. Now let him breathe and move on.



hreyA_onEViP2,353 pts Tuesday, July 7, 2020 0
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Being a public figure is like buy one and get one free. You get fame plus unwanted privacy invasion. The fact here is its not these celebs being wrong but the fans and antis.



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