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SF9's Dawon apologizes about seeming insincere during his "Summer Breeze" relay dance while fans say he didn't need to apologize


Dawon of SF9 explained and apologized for the dance controversy he was recently involved in. 

On July 13th, Dawon took the time to speak about the relay dance video for "Summer Breeze" with his fans on Instagram live.

In the "Summer Breeze" relay dance video for Mnet, the members stand in line as they wait to show off their dance in a relay. While all the other members are giving their best to do the dance choreography, Dawon is seen just passing the dance to the next member without doing the choreography or doing the wrong dance moves. Therefore, some of the fans criticized Dawon for being insincere during the relay dance.

During an Instagram Live, Dawon began to speak about the topic by saying "There were different opinions about the dance relay. There were parts of the content that I misinterpreted." He continued to say "What everyone is saying is right. From the viewer's point, it must have been uncomfortable to look at. Next time, I'll make sure to show my best efforts to fit the content" as he apologized to his fans.

He then said, "I believe I should be given criticism on the parts that needed to be pointed out. I hope everyone can understand with a generous heart and I will show you my improvement little by little. Don't think so badly of me. I'll work harder so please support me. I'm truly self-reflecting."

Although some fans criticized Dawon for his insincere attitude, many fans showed their support for Dawon saying they don't think he should have been criticized this bad for what happened.

Netizens' commented:

"He didn't even commit a serious crime. I don't know what the big deal is."

"Man, he sounds like he committed big wrongdoing. ///////maybe he was just tired."
"He didn't seem that insincere, come on."

"I think people are overreacting."

"It's nice that people would give him feedback but don't be too overreacting to it."

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itsaminax1,436 pts Tuesday, July 14, 2020 1
Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I think this is the first time I've seen this happen to a boy group member, it's usually girl group members but they shouldn't get hate for these sorts of things. They're overworked and of course there will be times where they can't really perform well and instead of being rude/hating on them we should help them so they can get better. Yes criticism is fine but do it in a way how you would want to be treated. Hope no one forgets that.


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mama-knows504 pts Tuesday, July 14, 2020 0
Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Maybe he had a bad day. These are not puppets, they are people and are allowed to be moody every once in a while. Dang



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