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The late Goo Hara's brother opens up about petitioning for a 'Hara-Law', Hara's remaining inheritance, & more


On March 26, the older brother of the late idol/actress Goo Hara obliged in an interview with the press about his ongoing lawsuit against his birth-mother, and more. 

Back on March 3, Hara's brother 'Goo' filed a formal lawsuit against his and Hara's mother. Goo's birth-mother, who left the family when Hara was 9-years old, reportedly showed up 20-years later at Hara's funeral to claim her inheritance. 

Then, on March 18, 'Goo' also submitted a formal request to legislate a new law, the 'Goo Hara Law'. This law asks the legal system to reconsider automatically defaulting a deceased individual's inheritance to their closest family members in the case that the family 'failed to properly act as family toward the deceased', etc. 

According to 'Goo', the two siblings reunited with their birth-mother in 2017, when Hara was suffering from depression and was advised to seek out her estranged mother. However, the siblings and their birth-mother were unable to improve their relationship as family before Hara's passing last year. 

In his interview, Hara's brother 'Goo' began, "I requested for the legislation of the 'Goo Hara Law' so that others won't encounter the same, frustrating situation that we are suffering from now."

He continued, "When I was first informed that she had passed away, I couldn't believe it. It was reported that Hara attempted suicided once before, but actually it was multiple times. There were about 5 times where I had to come to Seoul abruptly after being informed that she took dangerous medication. Each time, I did my best not to let the information become rumors."

'Goo's wife also remembered the late Hara. She shared, "I wonder what she was having such a hard time about. We think that growing up without a mother did influence her in a negative way. She always wanted to be loved. Even though she made many friends and also dated, she couldn't find fulfillment. I think there was a hole in her heart too big to cover up." 

Finally, 'Goo' responded to questions about Hara's remaining inheritance. "There's not as much inheritance as everyone believes. They say 'Goo Hara's 10 billion KRW inheritance' but it's not like that. She actually took several breaks during her promotions. There are also significant fees that come with 'being a celebrity'. There was a 'city gas bill' at the home where she lived that was 2 million KRW (~ 1,600 USD) per month," he commented. 

'Goo' and his family plans on establishing a non-profit organization in Hara's name if he succeeds in protecting the late singer's inheritance. "There are no specific plans in place yet so I'm careful but... an organization to aid single-parent families... and such. I want the name 'Goo Hara' to be remembered with a good meaning for a long time," 'Goo' explained. 

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pink_oracle9,055 pts Thursday, March 26, 2020 0
Thursday, March 26, 2020

Poor guy, he's been fighting for Hara for many years it seems.



Kkkpopvvv4,242 pts Thursday, March 26, 2020 0
Thursday, March 26, 2020

Her brother the only one with a head on his shoulder. That mother has quite the nerve to show up asking inheritance when



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Red Velvet, Joy
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