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MBC 'ISAC' staff under even more fire for 'insincere' apology after pulling LOOΠΔ member Chuu's hair


The staff of MBC's upcoming Lunar New Year special 'Idol Star Athletics Championship' is currently heavily under fire after an earlier controversy, where a male staff member pulled LOOΠΔ member Chuu by the hair in order to get the group's attention. 

Then, on December 17, a supposed "apology" posted via 'ISAC's website is adding even more fuel to the fire.

At first, a supposed staff member of MBC's 'ISAC' by the name of 'Lee Jae Young' wrote,

"Hello. I'm a staff member of the 'ISAC'. During the recording for the Lunar New Year special 'ISAC', an incident occurred where LOOΠΔ member Chuu's hair was pulled. We will make sure that such a thing never happens again and we sincerely apologize to the LOOΠΔ members."

However, fans who saw this post immediately called out the writer for not only their "insincerity" in the words, but also for the post being riddled with bad grammar. 

Approximately an hour later, 'Lee Jae Young's post was adjusted as follows:

"During the Lunar New Year special 'ISAC' recording, there was an incident where LOOΠΔ member Chuu's hair was pulled. We have confirmed that the 'ISAC' staff member attempted to get LOOΠΔ's attention for their interview by calling their name and hitting their shoulders first, but no one responded, and ultimately the staff member pulled Chuu's hair. From now on, we promise to educate our staff members appropriately before allowing them on set. We apologize to the LOOΠΔ members for pulling Chuu's hair."

Once again, this post ended up angering fans more than appeasing them, as they pointed out that rather than releasing an "official statement of apology" in the form of a notice by the website administrator, the vague apology was delivered from a suspicious "staff member".

Many Korean netizens are once again using this incident as an example as to why the 'ISAC' series should be shut down for good, commenting, "Let's make it official!! 'ISAC' is cancelled!", "I hope someone pulls on his hair just like that, see how he feels", "OMG please get rid of this cursed show already", "If they act like that in front of hundreds of cameras and a giant crowd of fans, then how do they act to our idols when no one's looking...", and more. 

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samael599 pts Monday, December 16, 2019 22
Monday, December 16, 2019

"Let's make it official!! 'ISAC' is cancelled!"

please dont, no offense, but ISAC is one of the biggest events to give groups from small agencies a chance to profile themselves. id appreciate it if we dont cancel ISAC, even if some crazy fans call for it.


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diadems-1,589 pts Monday, December 16, 2019 12
Monday, December 16, 2019

Being aware that the perception was that the hair pulling might have been "playful"...

where I live, that's not playful and certainly not, in any capacity, considered professional.

This wasn't part of Loona's crew. This was an iSAC staffer. He has no businesses being "playful" or pulling her hair. This is endemic of the entitlement Korean men exhibit toward women in general.

Remember when that kids show member punched Busters' Chaeyeon and she was laughing afterward?

That's a cultural trend. Women are conditioned through men's behaviors like this, to act as though it's just a joke and physical abuse is no big deal. Girls learn that this behavior is "normal" and then they are taught to just go with it. That is the wrong message to send because when men feel entitled to treat women like this, the behavior escalates into more abusive behaviors... like sexual assault and then, the women are made to think they should just go with it, the man didn't mean any harm and that she is wrong for thinking there is anything amiss.

You can't go around pulling women's hair or punching them because whether or not your intent may or may not be "playful" the intent is not as important as the impact and what the impact says is that it's ok for men to hit, grab, and/or pull women.

It's called micro-aggression which normalizes abusive behavior and its impact is cumulative. The solution is easy. Keep your hands to yourself just like your kindergarten teachers taught you.


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