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Dok2's label releases statement of refutal in response to lawsuit against jewelry company 'A'


On November 16, Dok2's label Illionaire Records released an official statement of refutal, in response to previous reports of him owing unpaid fees to a jewelry company 'A' for the purchase of various luxury jewelry and watches on credit. 

According to Illionaire Records, "During the process of reimbursing jewelry company 'A', Dok2's legal representative learned that company 'A', based in California, violated business laws according to the state's standards while in the process of requesting payments from Dok2. His legal representative then asked Dok2 to refrain from paying the remaining amounts due in order to resolve this issue." 

The agency continued, "This is not a simple matter of owing money, and we find it unfortunate that media outlets have been publishing one-sided reports only containing company 'A's claims in the incident when there are many legal factors involved. We have now decided to revoke our intentions of coming to a mutual settlement with company 'A'. We will be taking legal actions in order to protect the rights and the character of our artist." 

According to Dok2's legal representative, they attempted to request an accurate record of the exact amount that Dok2 owed company 'A' sometime last month, including a statement listing all of the items purchased. However, company 'A' failed to respond to this request. 

Meanwhile back on November 15, company 'A' claimed that they have filed a lawsuit against Dok2's side due to the fact that they have yet to receive payments for jewelry and watches purchased on credit, with the remaining payment amount being approximately 34,000 USD.

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26 days ago

What a load of bull, this was literally a last resort for this company. They didn't want to sue they just wanted there money but after having every excuse in the book thrown at them and then radio silence they didn't have a choice, that's not exactly a small amount.

According to the lawsuit they barely got paid before hand, they had to keep pestering him and they came from different accounts in different countries and not always the right amount. Now all the sudden they want us to beleive this just conveniently pops up so he doesn't have to pay the rest, I mean they were given an itemized bill at the time of sale and he was on a payment plan do they really want us to believe he doesn't know what he owes. Not to mention this isn't the first time money issues have fallen at his doorstep. His representatives must really think we are stupid. Honestly I think the guy is a talented artist, but this is low. Someone shouldn't have to sue you to get paid for there merchandise.



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25 days ago

He always like 2 chainz and rollies 2 chainz and rollies but who would know the jewelry he keep showing off is still on a debt? I thought he pay it in 1 time because he keep showing off on show about his gold and jewelry. Showing off his receipt at others how much he spend. And i still remember he feels lile show off to sangmin and dindin about all his things at ugly duckling mother show. Pfft. And yoo jaesuk also tell him at infinite challenge that dok2 must save his money even though he rich but dok2 say he dont care how much he spend he will raise again , but who would thought he have so much debt? If i was u dok2 i will shy to go out to see my artist friends that u show off too.



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