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Park Hae Jin takes a strong stance against reporter spreading false rumors

By jubilantj   Thursday, July 14, 2016   21,062   2,737   3



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Actor Park Hae Jin has had enough of the false, groundless rumors which are being reported by media outlets.

Park Hae Jin is taking a strong stance against these rumors with legal action, and his agency relayed his decision through an official statement released on July 13. 

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The agency wrote, 

"How are you? This is Park Hae Jin's label Mountain Movement Entertainment

We want to relay our official statement concerning the July 13 report about actor Park Hae Jin's lawsuit. 

We are currently involved in an ongoing lawsuit, and with Kim and Jang as our legal representatives, this past February, we requested an investigation into 'A' media outlet reporter 'B' for tortious interference at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's cyber crime investigation unit. 

'B' reporter wrote false articles in January of 2016 based on the 2008 reports which were proven to to be untrue through official press releases, which gave the impression that Park Hae Jin and Park Shin Hye are involved in a relationship; further, aside from this case, 'B' has written articles of a similar fashion by using numerous past dating rumors to make it seem as if the [stars who were involved in those rumors] are still dating. 

We request a severe punishment [for 'B'] becase we judge that 'B' has overstepped the boundary of defamation and interfered with business operations by infringing upon the concerned parties' financial gains for personal and the media outlet's financial gains, despite being well aware that the rumors are false. 

This lawsuit serves to address the rampant endemic of 'writing false click bait articles just to raise views and earn advertising revenue' which damages the reputation of blameless stars and to usher in a sense of alarm and reform on the problems that are not only a great blow to the stars' promotional activities but also to the Hallyu wave. 

Currently, the SMPA's cyber crime investigation unit are actively investigating the case, and once investigations conclude, the case will be forwarded to prosecution, and we will continue to address this issue without any room for settlements or leniency." 

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Armyinthehouse Thursday, July 14, 2016

And here again, just when i think that i can´t have him any higher, another reason to think that he is 10 out of 10. I remember when some haters writed malicious comments about him, and when the law gave him the reason he decided to punish them doing charity with him instead of with money. :)

superrgirl22 Thursday, July 14, 2016

leave my baby PHJ alone, damn

manongja Thursday, July 14, 2016

I usually go with celebrities keeping mum when netizens spread rumors, but when it comes to media outlets I agree: Sue them.

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