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ZE:A's Siwan discusses his future career, 'Misaeng', and more with 'W Korea'

ZE:A, Siwan
'W Korea' released the follow-up interview with ZE:A's Siwan, which was featured in the March issue of the magazine.

In the interview, Siwan revealed his thoughts on acting, studying, and his hopes for the future as a rising rookie actor. Although the idol carefully stated that he feels as though he is better suited for acting than singing on stage as an actor, Siwan added that he is willing to work hard with what he has now.

When Siwan was asked if he would take on life as an actor rather than an idol in the future, he answered, "You don't have any foresight about what's going to happen in a person's life, and I don't know if I would be doing something totally different as time passes. If I were to look at the lifespan [of the two], idols don't have the longest lifespan."

He continued, "Of course, if there are a lot of people who seek me out because I'm an idol, I would be able to last long. However, generally there is a limit to an idol's lifespan. Acting has a wider range when it comes to your age, so if there is a career that I can pursue as an ahjussi in the future, then I see more potential in acting."

Throughout the interview, Siwan remained humble and modest as he revealed to the magazine that he was burdened by all the popularity he gained through his role on 'Misaeng'.

Siwan said, "I felt pressured and responsible. Because we've received an unexpectedly explosive response, I felt very pressured by this sense of responsibility I had. Towards the middle, I wasn't able to enjoy [the filming]. I just wanted to finish and get out of it."

Despite his image as a studious and bright student, Siwan revealed that he doesn't feel as though studying is necessary in life. He said, "Studying is really unnecessary in life, but when you look at the chances, there is a sense of trust that someone who studied well would be able to do well when you ask them to do something. From one point of view, they are benefitting. I also sometimes think what would have happened if I was smarter, and I had worked harder in my studies."

However, the idol also revealed that he slightly regrets not being able to finish his studies at Busan University as an Engineer student, but feels thankful for the opportunities that he's been given.

Check out a few B-cut of Siwan from the pictorial below!

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