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BTS now stands for "Beyond The Scene"

By GhostWriter   19 days ago   233,333   45,964   0



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Bulletproof Boy Scouts will be a distant memory. With the new logo comes more changes as BTS has changed the official acronym of BTS to Beyond The Scene. In Korean, they will still be 방탄소년단 or Bangtan Sonyeondan.

The meaning behind the new BI (Brand Identity) is BTS protecting youths from prejudice. They are moving forward, chasing their dreams instead of settling for reality. The design language shows ARMY meeting BTS at the doors.

The results of the new BI is from working with a top Korean design firm for about one year and a lot of research was conducted to create the perfect logo. The new BI will be used on official goods, online content platforms, albums, fan-related merchandise, and more.

What are your thoughts on this rebranding?

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  1. (Bangtan Boys) BTS

mailaimlee 17 days ago

it is what it is now

TeruTeruMomiji 17 days ago

Honestly, they could all decide to go bald and I'd still love them. I think its very sweet and kind of them to think of us ARMY's and finding a way for us to feel more connected with them! Will I miss the old logo though? For sure but I mean, whatever BTS want to do I'll support to the fullest :).

BlacRoseParadise 18 days ago

When you're trying real hard to make your brand seem meaningful and deep

Miyaka08 18 days ago

me and my anime mind.. this suddenly reminded me of Shingeki no Kyojin's - Wings of Liberty branch logo...

Logan_W 18 days ago

i honestly think the change is smart business-wise but is obviously going to anger some fans. bts is rapidly becoming more & more recognized worldwide now with constant mentionings by a ton of American companies and organizations that korean entertainment companies and idols really respect and view as long term goals to have relationships with/work with. i know america isn't the end all be all, but for a lot of these idols the american market is a big deal, i mean 90% of their favorite artists are all american artists and all of the hip-hop themes and styles are directly taken from america and the hip-hop culture that originated here in the states. i think they know that the name bulletproof boys scouts, to western audiences who are not already fans, could be seen as cutesy, funny, or not taken as seriously. to most americans who don't listen to kpop and aren't familiar with idols, them watching a bunch of korean boys wearing hip-hop clothing or bulletproof vests and dressed in army gear while wearing makeup and singing and dancing, that is gonna be something they view as bizarre, eccentric, trying too hard, humorous, or even sometimes offensive depending on the person. not all americans will be that close-minded, but i mean i think all of us as kpop fans have encountered numerous people in our lives who put down and make fun of kpop and kpop idols. it's sad but it's a reality. while more and more people are catching on, i think the companies they hired are smart in knowing that the way to bring in even more of an audience is to be more open and adaptable to western audiences. bts is gonna seem a lot more legit being called beyond the scene rather than bulletproof boy scouts. and instead of them having an army vest logo and them having the doors as their new logo, that is another way of them being more accessible to the average consumer. so this is the price we as army have to pay with bts becoming more and more international and more and more famous. we work so hard so they can be recognized but we have to understand the natural changes that come with them achieving that recognition on a global scale. while some can achieve worldwide success without changing anything about themselves (psy) that was an extremely unique instance and was mostly looked at as a joke by western audiences and quirky and eccentric. i mean not a lot of those millions of people here in the states who were dancing a long were taking him seriously as a respected artist. BTS has real potential to really bridge kpop to the rest of the world and in order to do so they are gonna have to make some changes unfortunately.

MeniNova 18 days ago

I don't like it. The old logo was way better.

SicaLicka 18 days ago

Twice is way better though

LveKimTae SicaLicka 18 days ago


Eva_Love_BTS SicaLicka 18 days ago

Hell nooo!!!

Haeberry SicaLicka 16 days ago

Lol why would you bring up Twice when this topic has nothing to do with them

SicaLicka Haeberry 16 days ago


yoonbread 18 days ago

Sorry but "Beyond the Scene" is pretty lame...At least Bulletproof Boy Scouts was cute.

i_belong_to_yg 18 days ago

Does this mean they will not use the vest logo?

LveKimTae i_belong_to_yg 18 days ago

Yeah, that's gone now. They'll be using this new logo.

i_belong_to_yg LveKimTae 18 days ago

I am mad as hell.

ChrisA 18 days ago

Nah man

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