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The cast of 'Infinity Challenge' pranks Kim Soo Hyun during their bowling rematch?

By mkim93   30 days ago   41,049   4,102   17



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On this week's episode of 'Infinity Challenge', Kim Soo Hyun returned to the show for a bowling rematch with the cast.

During the match, Kim Soo Hyun would fail to bowl well over and over again whereas the members of the 'Infinity Challenge' would consistently get strikes and spares. The actor sensed something was off and only realized towards the end that he had been pranked throughout the whole rematch. The bowling lane for him was oiled all the way through and the lane for the 'Infinity Challenge' cast was rigged to clear the pins every single time.

Did you catch the fun rematch this week?
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  2. infinity challenge

Jane02 30 days ago

KSH is so adorable. I hope we get a new drama before he has to enlist

hiroonakamura 30 days ago

always great with spoilers in the headlines. Fuck you allkpop

arief71p hiroonakamura 30 days ago

Lol, this is Sunday and IC broadcasted in Saturday.

makaveli arief71p 30 days ago

the subs doesn't come out before late sunday.. allkpop are a bunch of ignorant fuccks.. they do it with all the shows

Ibrahimovic makaveli 30 days ago

then why did you read the article if you haven't watch the show? and allkpop put a '?' in their headlines....

hiroonakamura Ibrahimovic 30 days ago

but the spoiler is in the headline....HEADLINE! the headline is mentioned on the main site and on twitter.

Ibrahimovic hiroonakamura 30 days ago

"The cast of 'Infinity Challenge' pranks Kim Soo Hyun during their bowling rematch?" that's the headline right? and they clearly put a ? a.k.a question mark there... yeah you know it's a prank because of headline but you don't know what kind of prank it is until you read the article....

makaveli Ibrahimovic 30 days ago

i did not read it, i just went in and commented becuase its irritating.. every week.. most of the allkpop readers does not know korean, so they probably dont watch the fucccking broadcast, they wait for the subs.. sooo why does allkpop not just chill for a sec and wait til the subs comes out...

makaveli Ibrahimovic 30 days ago

'''Park Myung Soo's wife to begin promotional activites?'''

makaveli Ibrahimovic 30 days ago

TWICE's Dahyun didn't know who J.Y. Park was?

makaveli Ibrahimovic 30 days ago

''BTOB pinch Kang Ho Dong's cheek, parody 'Goblin', and fluster the 'A Hyung I Know' members''''

makaveli Ibrahimovic 30 days ago

'''Heechul says Seohyun is one of the most boring SME labelmates'

makaveli Ibrahimovic 30 days ago

all those recent examples are not spoilers right????

hiroonakamura Ibrahimovic 29 days ago

even if it is a minor spoiler, it is a spoiler none-the-less. It would be a funny surprise if i didnt know abt it, but now i'll be waiting for it and the surprise element is gone.

Ibrahimovic makaveli 29 days ago

that's lot of examples you give... but i won't consider that a spoiler because that didn't show the results of a program.... i did see a spoiler before in akp regarding crime scene results.... that's a real spoiler... the examples you give is just a minor conversation happens in a 1:30 hours show...

makaveli Ibrahimovic 29 days ago

haha biitch pleas, dont try to define what a spoiler is.. does not matter if its big or minor spoiler.. akp are sooo ignorant to a lot of things

fantastikforce 30 days ago

LOL that was hilarious! KSH couldn't believe it at first.

The End



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