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Police to investigate phone records in investigation around Ga In's accusations

By jennywill   Sunday, June 25, 2017   48,727   1,626   91



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Police will be investigating the phone records of the man Ga In accused.

The police have called Ga In and Mr. Park (the man Ga In accused) on the 6th and 8th during their investigation, and now they have received a seize and search warrant for Mr. Park's phone records.

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The police believe that Ga In's accusations are credible, and will be investigating the phone records Mr. Park had with his acquaintances to see if anyone is suspicious. However, the police are still in the beginning stages of investigations and are cautious not to reveal much detail. 

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annaha0618 29 days ago

you all act like you are in middle school using the word 'snitch'

WorldwidePritz annaha0618 29 days ago

Land and make a crater you snitches. Like in final fantasy 7 there was this mountain island with a big crater. Fuck i erased my first comment.

Hyeriioo 29 days ago


mango_91 29 days ago

I choose to don't believe anything yet. Keep coming with updates.

kpoplover308 29 days ago

When a country makes a person so messed up into thinking that reliance on morphine is better than weed. And reporting on people who gave weed through instagram smh.

bangeryun94 29 days ago

"However the police are still in the beginning stages of investigations and are cautious not to reveal much detail."                LMAO

Wang_Sejung bangeryun94 29 days ago

One day our police are going to investigate your F..borther and deport him from Korea.

bangeryun94 Wang_Sejung 28 days ago

Not YOUR POLICE you lying sack of shit. The NY police are already investigating YOU for child pornography, abusing your 3 children, hitting your wife, having sex with underage boys. You better start worrying about your own dirty self where you live in New York and stop worrying about Korea. Korea doesn't want you, will never want you. The same as everyone here at allkpop. You are hated and despised. And again you stupid old man, you can't deport a citizen. Since you don't know how to read I wouldn't expect someone as stupid as you to know that. Another 27 people reported you.

smokeee 29 days ago

i hope police give her a reward like a free vacation to Jeju or money for exposing the drug dealer.  it will encourage more people to do it and make korea drug free.

SNSDQUEENT_ARA 29 days ago

Dumb bitch now got her bf in trouble...Hope she knows how to keep her mouth shut next time or atleast report it in private

melon SNSDQUEENT_ARA 29 days ago

I don't understand how her bf is in trouble? It's her bf's friend that is some drug dealer who is trying to supply to her. Maybe she's doing this so her bf will cut ties with this guy?

intricate 30 days ago

waste of tax payer money. his would've been classified as corruption if the idiotic legislation on weed didn't exist.

zippys420 30 days ago

Crazy bitch. I hope they investigate her.

ShayMin 30 days ago

Fucking attention-seeker...

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