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Winners from the '2013 Korean Music Awards'

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G-Dragon, f(x), Psy, Jay Park, and more were winners at the 10th Korea Music Awards!

The 'Korean Music Awards' was first held in 2004 and it acknowledges the achievements made by music artists in the past year. The winners are decided by a panel of judges consisting of music critics, music radio PDs, and other professionals within the industry.

Psy won "Song of the Year" and "Musician of the Year" with "Gangnam Style", G-Dragon won "Best Rap/Hip Hop Song" with "One of a Kind", and f(x) won "Best Dance Electronic Song" with "Electric Shock".

Jay Park, Lena Park, and Busker Busker each won a "Netizen's Choice" award.

The full winner list is as follows:

▶Album of the Year - 3rd Line Butterfly - 'Dreamtalk'
▶Best Modern Rock Album - 3rd Line Butterfly
▶Best Modern Rock Song - 3rd Line Butterfly - "The day we breakup is today"

▶Best Pop Album - Busker Busker - 'Busker Busker'
▶Best Pop Song - Busker Busker - "Yeosu Night Sea"

▶Netizens' Choice Male Artist of the Year - Jay Park
▶Netizens' Choice Female Artist of the Year - Lena Park
▶Netizens' Choice Music Group of the Year - Busker Busker

▶Song of the Year - Psy - "Gangnam Style"
▶Musician of the Year - Psy

▶Best Dance Electronic Song - f(x) - "Electric Shock"

▶Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song - G-Dragon - "One of a Kind"
▶Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album - Soriheda - 'Soriheda 2'

▶Best R&B/Soul Song - Naul - 'Principle Of My Soul'
▶Best R&B/Soul Album - Naul - "Memory of the Wind"

▶Best Rock Song - Jung Cha Sik - "Street Musician"
▶Best Rock Album - Jung Cha Sik - 'Turbulent Modern Times'

▶Best Crossover Album - Jambinayi - 'Difference'

▶Best Jazz Album - Lee Woon Sol - 'Point of Contact'
▶Best Jazz Crossover Performance - Kang Tae Hwan/So Rae Hwa - "Sorefa"

▶Rookie of the Year - 404 (band)

▶Achievement Award - Kim Min Ki

▶Conference Committee Special Award - Jara Island International Jazz Festival


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