f(x)'s Victoria repeatedly asks "Am I Pretty?"

On todays episode on "f(x)=1cm", the f(x) members visited a female high school where they also dressed up in school uniforms.Victoria stated "Sin…

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Sulli gives Krystal a back-hug on 'Amazing f(x)'

Apparently it's not just guys that are impressed by Krystal's awesome body!The lovely f(x) member impressed her groupmate Sulli as well. On the J…

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f(x) members mimic each other on 'Amazing f(x)'

The f(x) members mimicked each other, leaving a lot of laughs for viewers.On the June 25 episode of MBC Music's 'Amazing f(x)', Amber came up with the…

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Which animal scares f(x)'s Sulli?

f(x)'s Sulli revealed her intense fear of birds on the latest episode of 'Amazing f(x)'. On the June 18th show, the girls of f(x) continued …

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