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Han Ye Seul personally opens up about her chaebol ex-boyfriend, Teddy, BLACKPINK's Jennie, & more in a 'Let Me Tell You EVERYTHING' video


On June 9, actress Han Ye Seul shared a brand new video via her YouTube channel, titled 'Let Me Tell You EVERYTHING'.

In this video, Han Ye Seul revealed that in order to address each and every single one of her current "rumors", she personally watched the 'Garo Sero Institute's allegation video thoroughly and took a pad full of notes to respond to each aspect with clarity. She also stated, "Really, I feel like all the weight is flying off of my shoulders now that I can clarify everything."

First, Han Ye Seul coolly admitted that the "Chaebol ex-boyfriend" she dated was in fact, the vice president of a company named DY Holdings, named Won Jin. Han Ye Seul said, "Won Jin oppa, I'm really sorry that your name is being publicized like this for the first time in a while because of me. But there are just things that I need to clarify, so I hope you understand."

Next, Han Ye Seul also coolly answered "Yes" to the allegations that she received her luxury 'Ferrari' from her ex-boyfriend. She added on, "Is there something wrong with a boyfriend giving his girlfriend a car? Yes, I also boasted about it. Why would I not boast about a gift my boyfriend gave me?"

Third, Han Ye Seul answered "No" to the allegations that her ex-boyfriend also paid for an interior remodeling of her house. She also called out 'Garo Sero Institute' for writing a fictional novel, as she remarked, "They say that back then, Won Jin oppa wanted to start seeing another, and they specifically coined here, 'A female actress more famous than Han Ye Seul', and because I was against it, I went to the United States. This is all complete fiction."

Furthermore, Han Ye Seul freely expressed how offended she was by the ways that the reporters of 'Garo Sero Institute' mocked her. 

Fourth, Han Ye Seul discussed another of her ex-boyfriends, producer Teddy, whom "I truly loved. But honestly, if a woman and a man date, they can also break up. It's natural. Why do people always try to find some kind of 'problem' behind it?" Additionally, to the allegations that Han Ye Seul was "dumped" because of BLACKPINK's Jennie, Han Ye Seul firmly responded, "That is absolutely not true. Again, I've never met her before."

Again, Han Ye Seul openly talked about the mocking comments that the reporters of 'Garo Sero Institute' made about her, including, "They said that because I was dumped and kicked to the curb by so many men, and I was not good enough to marry into a chaebol family, I ultimately chose my current boyfriend to 'raise', and they kept saying these things in a joking manner. Honestly, I am offended by these comments."

Finally, regarding allegations that she is affiliated with various club 'Burning Sun' controversies, Han Ye Seul commented, "I have been to club 'Burning Sun' only once in my lifetime. I went on Halloween day with my friends and co-workers. I did not get a 'private room' there. I wanted to have fun at a table out in the open hall. I did not do drugs there. I was hanging out at a table right by the DJ stand. How crazy would I be to do drugs in front of all those people?"

Check out Han Ye Seul's full 'Tell-all' video for yourself, above. 

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yumeku187 pts Tuesday, June 8, 2021 0
Tuesday, June 8, 2021

I feel bad for her. All her responses feels like defense coming from a cornered person.
These press seem to not just report her personal life but also disrespect her, make fun of her, and exaggerate some details. And in return, she is the kind who can’t hold themselves and respond to each of them. Now I understand when some celebrities stay quite after a scandal without releasing a statement. It’s when it has some truth in it but it isn’t completely true either. Usually it’s their companies or lawyers that advise not to engage even if the person is innocent because they know the outcome of clarifying multiply.

The press way of sharing news is going to hurt her even if she was the most innocent thing in the world. They give half-true half-false stories so when the true part checks out, the public believes anything that follows which put the actress in an ugly position. Especially if it’s a second “scandal”. If she clarify something the first time and luckily, people believe her, she will lose the chance to clarify the next “scandal”. It’s how it works.



Leocutie911 pts Tuesday, June 8, 2021 2
Tuesday, June 8, 2021

I mean these gossips wouldn’t be as big as it is now if she didn’t respond to those comments and just sued them for defamation. I feel like this may add more fuel to the fire.


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