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12 K-pop Idols That Recommended "I Love You 3000"


Rising pop sensation, Stephanie Poetri is an Indonesian-American singer, songwriter, and producer. K-Pop fans have taken a widespread liking to Stephanie's music given the success of her hit single, "I Love You 3000," and subsequent release with none other than K-Pop veteran idol, Jackson Wang, on "I Love You 3000 II". Idols from groups all across the industry have recommended Stephanie's song, and have made "I Love You 3000" one of the most recommended songs to listen to from the K-Pop idol scene so far this year. Check out the video below for a compilation video of all the idols who have covered "I Love You 3000" thus far!

From covers to VLIVE suggestions to playlist track lists, here are 12 idols who recommended Stephanie Poetri's "I Love You 3000".

1. Red Velvet Joy

A special artist pick from Red Velvet's Joy indicates that she is a big Stephanie Poetri fan, which at this point, if you aren't one, you may be living under a rock. She suggested "I Love You 3000" to all ReVeluv!

2. TWICE Nayeon

TWICE fans got to enjoy Nayeon singing along with Stephanie's sweet melodic voice on the song. Nayeon's own angelic vocals complement the melody and rhythm of the track perfectly! ONCE were just wishing for "I Love You 3000 II" to sneak some Jackson Wang into the VLIVE session.

3. BTS Jungkook

BTS recently released a series of personal music recommendations via YouTube playlists. On Jungkook's playlist, he didn't just add "I Love You 3000" on the tracklist, but "I Love You 3000 II" instead! Jungkook's not-so-secret ahgase side is showing with his support for GOT7 member and fellow idol, Jackson Wang.

4. Stray Kids Bang Chan & Hyunjin

Two members of Stray Kids showed their support to Stephanie and recommended the song on both their VLIVEs. Bang Chan vibed to the song live and Hyunjin threw it into a VLIVE playlist he made consisting of artists like DEAN, HEIZE, and Geeks.

5. NCT Ten

In what looks like either a VLIVE or a fanmeeting 1-on-1 skype session, Ten covers Stephanie Poetri and even laughs at the "I want you to be my husband" line asking in Chinese, "Is that right?".

6. fromis_9 Jisun

As a recommendation to her fans, Jisun not only blessed us with her immaculate selcas, but a screenshot of her listening to none other than "I Love You 3000". We're starting to see a pattern with these idols and this song!

7. G-Idle

In a feature Q&A with Spotify Indonesia, G-Idle was asked which artist they have been listening to non-stop to which Minnie answered immediately "Stephanie Poetri, I Love You 3000"! The song's widespread popularity seems to transcend idol tastes.


MONSTA X Jooheon and Changkyun went live on VLIVE and Changkyun did a little singing live for us. You guessed it- none other than, "I Love You 3000" by Stephanie Poetri! It seems to be the catchy song that every idol is into. We wonder who will cover it next?

9. SEVENTEEN S.Coups & Hoshi

A fan recommended SEVENTEEN to listen to Stephanie's "I Love You 3000" on Weverse, but S.Coups replied that he was already listening to it now! Not only that, but Hoshi placed the song on his personal Spotify playlist on the SEVENTEEN page.

10. SF9 Dawon

Dawon's visuals are seriously out of this world. His VLIVE is seriously something else- fans have a hard time not thinking "I want you to be my husband" whenever Dawon goes live.

11. DIA Jueun

Another lovely idol cover of "I Love You 3000". The song's natural melodic nature and difficult composition makes it a hard song to cover, but Jueun from DIA really nails the wispy and ethereal style of Stephanie's voice.

12. LOONA Chuu

When you take away the visuals of K-Pop, it really comes down to the talent of the idol. LOONA's Chuu showed us she has what it takes to carry an impromptu performance of "I Love You 3000" on VLIVE on an episode of Frequency of the Moon.

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