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A past video of Don Spike shaping salt in a line seen in a different light after his drug controversy


A past YouTube video of Don Spike, who was arrested on drug charges, is being re-visited and seen in a different light after his latest drug controversy.

Don Spike previously appeared on singer Jungyup's YouTube channel in May and spent time cooking some BBQ. The scene that is now controversial is when the two singers finished cooking and went to plate the food.

In the video, Don Spike is seen pouring white salt into a line and shaping it with a straw. At this time, the rapper is seen hesitating as if he had a sudden realization. Then Don Spike says, "When I do this, it looks like something bad..." making a joke about the salt looking like drugs. In response to the joke, singer Jungyup then makes a sniffing gesture as if he is sniffing drugs. At the time, many just thought it was an innocent joke between fellow artists because the YouTube channel also uploaded the subtitle saying, "Report drug use to 1301 (Number for Prosecutor service in Korea)."

The police arrested Don Spike on September 26 at a hotel in Gangnam, Seoul. Police confiscated 30g of methamphetamine from Don Spike on that day. Considering that a single dose is 0.03 g, the drug amount corresponds to a maximum of 1000 doses. He is suspected of using drugs several times with acquaintances and female receptionists after renting a hotel in the Gangnam area of Seoul since last April. 

Meanwhile, the video that has been now taken down was uploaded on May 24 of this year which is the time frame in which Don Spike claims to have started doing drugs. That is why many Korean netizens have left comments in response to the video saying his habits must have subconsciously come out. They wrote, "He must have unknowingly done the gesture out of habit," "I can't believe he made a drug joke when he was actually doing drugs," "I wonder if he thought he wouldn't get caught," and "He was making a fool out of his fans and viewers."

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haris1,390 pts Friday, September 30, 2022 4
Friday, September 30, 2022

I love to see netizens fighting for their idols and their overpacked schedules, showing empathy when they have downfalls or depressions, but when a rapper is doing drugs and being ADDICTED to them, because they have trauma, depressions or other things, netizens (and the korean justice system) try to make their lives even more miserable. They need therapy and not hate or jail time.

For all the people that feel the need to hate an addicted person: did any of them destroy your life or did anything bad to your existence?

no? So why do you hate those people so much? Be a human being and prey for their souls and show a little empathy

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CamelPurple198 pts Friday, September 30, 2022 0
Friday, September 30, 2022

My note is, don't judge so fast. Especially public figures, there are always things that added or removed or changed. Careful to read, practice to read more than just comments or uploads. If anyone did a bad thing, learn to know the reason first. Example, there are killer that become a killer because they're just enjoy it, no sympathy, no empathy, don't care with anyone. But there are killer that kill people because they still have trauma & feared that people will hurt them as they see same patterns. Same with bullies, drugs, etc.

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