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#Drippin’s #Dongyun shares his experience of seeing 'Idol of Idols' #BTS's #V in real life

V has been nicknamed the “Idol of Idols” as numerous rookie idols list his uniqueness and effortless embodiment of the performance as their inspiration.

Each day, there's an idol who confesses his adoration and appreciation for Taehyung.

A post on TheQoo gained attention as it was posted by Dongyun, a member of the boy group Drippin, where he shared his experience of seeing Taehyung in real-life expressing his happiness that his dream came true:

"I'm not sure if I can this but I saw V once at a ship in person... Iwas lucky enough to see V-sunbaenim in person. I felt in real life what it is like to have your heart stop because of seeing such handsomeness. My heart was beating so fast cause my dream came true to see him in person. I was so happy that day. So handsome, really so very handsome.

Taehyung is one of the most impactful artists as he has the biggest influence not only on younger idols but on older artists too.

V's 'Christmas Tree' was played at ITZY’s variety show Gap of ITZY.

Renowned singer Choi Baek Ho expressed his gratitude to Taehyung in a show with Lee Hyun.

Kang Huh Dalrim thanked Taehyung on her Instagram.

MSG WANNABE, Kang Chang-mo (KCM) immediately answered V’s name upon seeing his picture.

V continues to gain love and adoration as an artist and as a person from everyone as he keeps standing out with his talents and amazing personality.

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Idol of idols

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Taehyung is well respected and admired not only for the performer he is, but who he is as a person. Other idols look up to him and strive to be like him with his charisma and stage presence which just comes so naturally to him.

Dongyun, yes we agree that Taehyung is breathtakingly, heart stopping, handsome.

His music and voice are loved by not only his fans, but the gp as well. You will find his songs playing as BGM on a variety of different shows, at weddings, etc.

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