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Track List:

1. Turbulence

2. Be With You

3. The Letter

4. Still Here - Korean Version

5. Better - Korean Version

6. The Real - Heung Version

7. WAVE (Overture)

8. WONDERLAND (Symphony No.9 "From The Wonderland")

9. Answer (Ode to Joy) (feat. LA POEM)

10. Outro : Over the Horizon

ATEEZ has gifted fans this holiday season with their latest re-package release, ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUEFeaturing a few new songs, repurposed songs, and a few studio versions of songs from their time on Kingdom: The Legendary War, this album excited ATINY worldwide with its release. "Turbulence" serves as the album's first pre-release single, and its dreamy and meaningful concept proves as an exciting introduction to this re-package drop. It feels that ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE is a gift for fans with the number of memorable tracks the groups has in store. "Turbulence" is easy to enjoy and compelling enough to revisit due to its progressive song arrangement.

Emotional ballad, "Be With You," and sweet R&B-tinged pop song "The Letter" are the only b-sides unique to this release. Frankly, the release's b-sides are the must-listens of this album drop as both offer compelling performances from the members. The rest of the album feels vastly more frenetic and overstimulating in comparison to the gentle approach both these tracks have. 

Fans of ATEEZ's Japanese discography will be pleased with their Korean re-works of "Still Here" and "Better." Originating from ATEEZ's second Japanese studio album and their first Japanese EP, respectively, both songs are just as smooth to listen to as the originals. Truthfully, the language change didn't impact the feel brought forth from the original. I was pleasantly surprised.

The real gift to ATINY this holiday season lies in tracks 6 through 9 on this re-package. All four songs are the long-awaited and highly sought-after studio versions of the group's iconic performances from their time on Kingdom. "The Real - Heung Version" functioned as the finale song from their time on the show, so its importance is felt as they've repurposed the track into this album's title song. All the studio versions of their performances are much-welcomed and offer a frenetic and intense approach compared to the re-package's fresher half.

"Outro: Over The Horizon" is the dramatic finale to the re-package and the end of their FEVER series. Featuring a spoken-word story, this song is intensely dramatic and feels truly like fireworks in a grand finale of a parade. ATEEZ hints at more over the horizon with this neatly written epilogue release.


The new studio version of "The Real" features a longer instrumental and much more noisy traditional instrument inclusions. ATEEZ MV, however, lacked a bit of direction. After sitting through it a number of times, I still can't tell you what exactly is going on. From street dance battles to school scenes, there's just an assortment of overstimulation in this MV. It seems that the members are against each other in a way, but the 'power of dance' unites them somehow as they end up partying in the end. Choreography has stayed pretty much the same since their last performance on Kingdom, but the MV feels haphazard despite that. That being said, the video still maintains fun energy, which doesn't make it entirely unenjoyable.


MV Relevance…..8

MV Production…..8

MV Concept……..8

MV Score: 8.0


Album Production…...8

Album Concept……...9


Album Score: 8.33

Overall: 8.17

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HelloLinny96 pts 26 days ago 0
26 days ago

Great album & MV! I hope ATEEZ grows in success and popularity in 2022!! I really wanted to be part of their World Tour 2022 but the tickets ran out so quickly XD ( which is a good sign! ).



myliltiny468 pts 25 days ago 0
25 days ago

This album was so special in so many ways! We got hype songs, we got beautiful ballads and very strong vocals, we got feelings, we got the studio version of Kingdom songs but the most important thing - we got a OT8 version of all the songs that could not include Mingi at the time! His rap at the end of Still Here and the beginning of Answer makes them so much better! This album is definitely amongst my favorites from ATEEZ! A whole masterpiece! 😍



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