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Netizens discuss why dramas about K-Pop idols always flop despite the fact that K-Pop is so popular


On November 24 KST, one netizen took to an online community forum and created a post titled, "K-pop has so much popularity, but why are idol dramas' viewership ratings like this?" 

In the article included, it mentioned the K-pop idols that are creating global sensations, including BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, aespa, and more. However, despite their immense popularity, responses to Korean dramas that depict the story of K-pop idols are indifferent. 

The article mentioned the very low viewership rating of the KBS2 drama 'Imitation', which hit below 1% when it was broadcast in May through July of this year. Although the 2009 SBS drama 'You Are Beautiful' and the 2011 KBS2 drama 'Dream High' were met with great success, dramas depicting stories of K-pop idols following 2011 did not do very well. The article then stated that the new JTBC drama 'Idol: The Coup', starring former EXID's Hani, and its inclusion of out-of-context kiss scenes among idols and other extreme storylines are what seem to turn audience members away. Netizens took to the comments to discuss their opinions on this issue.

Some of the netizens' comments included:

"[We] watch if they're actually good at acting and the drama is fun..."

"Their acting [is the reason]."

"The problem is that it's not fun...there are so many dramas that have low ratings these days but it's regarding their target audience not being the majority public. Their target audience is the problem, rather than the problem being the story content."

"It's because not all audiences are idol fans."

"But the reactions are actually positive to that drama."

"Is there really a point in watching a drama about idols dating? Lolll."

"Regarding majority of the public, the consumption of idol content is only to that extent."

"Because it's the idol that people like, and it's not the actors that people like."

"It's because they like the idol, not the drama."

"If the drama is fun, people will watch it. Why wouldn't they watch it? The people making the dramas have no idea what idol fans prefer so that's why people are not watching it Loll."

"What do real idols have anything to do with idol dramas?"

"It's only because they're not fun to watch."

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Because all idol dramas are so unrealistic... it's like the writers who write the script have no idea what idol life is really like - which they probably don't. They always want to make it into a rookie/failed idol group becoming successful story - with a love line thrown in it (which is also unrealistic). Maybe it would be worth watching if a former idol turned writer actually wrote the script based on actual experiences. Also, they have at least 1 idol who can't act, or 1 actor who can't sing/dance, which throws off the whole experience, and thus again, making it even more unrealistic.



bartkun 21,849 pts 6 days ago 3
6 days ago

In this particular case the drama is entertaining and makes you think about Brave Girls which suddenly became a hit after so many years...

Also the story at this point is very realistic because it really is like one of those situations in real life when older girl group is sidelined because the youngerr groups in company became more successful.

I need to say that few people act very well, for example Solbin's acting surprised me a lot in a positive way. Overall I think tho Koreans don't watch this because they expect Idols to be perfect but for me this drama shows us the all things that we might not see/know, especially those moments when members argue, try to leave, or even fight.

You can see comments from Koreans and they wrote: "if there is really a point of watching drama about Idols dating?"

maybe companies can't market those properly because here we are already past 6 episodes and none of characters is dating...


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