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"Isn't there an 8 Billion KRW ($6.75 Million) lawsuit?" Jessica shows off her recent luxury purchases and garners attention


Former Girls' Generation member Jessica, who is also an entrepreneur, drew attention by revealing a list of items she had recently purchased. 

On November 8, Jessica uploaded a video on her official YouTube channel titled, "My recent purchases." In the video, she stated, "I haven't been able to go overseas often these days so I haven't been able to shop. Therefore, I recently purchased things impulsively." She added, "I bought things I use daily, pretty things, and bought some stuff on sale. I'm going to show what I've been buying these days."

She revealed that she was obsessed with the boater hat lately and showed Maison Michel's 2021 S/S Kiki felt hat. she explained, "Since it was on sale I purchased right away. There are no more left." She added, "I think it'll look really fashionable if you wear this hat with a cashmere or a tracksuit."

Jessica also showed that she bought a straw boater hat from the same brand in addition to Dior's D-Natural visor and a Chanel beanie. Jessica explained that she got scolded by her mother as she said, "My mom scolded me saying, 'why do you always buy so much when you get hooked on something?"

Jessica also boasted a Chanel mini-bag. She held up the Chanel mini-bag and shared that the bag is perfect for daily use. She boasted that her iPhone fits in the bag very well and added, "Another reason why I think it's a great purchase is not long after I bought it the price increased a lot."

Earlier, according to Hong Kong media outlets, on September 28, 'Blanc and Eclair,' founded by Jessica in 2014, was embroiled in a lawsuit due to unpaid debt.

According to the report, the Blanc Group, which operates Blanc & Eclair, borrowed a total of 4 million USD from Spectra SPC. Then in August, Joy King Enterprises filed a lawsuit against 'Blanc & Eclare,' to recover over 6.7 million USD from the brand. On the same day, Tyler Kwon voiced that the loan was unfair and "The loan is not Jessica's personal loan but a corporate one." 

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kupid2,578 pts 23 days ago 10
23 days ago

She worked her ass off for years, should she spend her personal money paying off a cooperate loan that she didn't take out personally. The loan was taken out by the company, not her.even of they decide that the executives should pay it off with their personal money, she still doesn't need to pay it off alone since she isnt the sole owner of the company. Not even lee soo man who founded sm would spend his personal money if sm was in debt since sm doesn't belong to only him anymore, so why should she pay the Loan for a company she doesn't own alone all by herself?.


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lymli_queen8,390 pts 23 days ago 0
23 days ago

well, he said it wasn't a personal loan, but a corporate one... so her personal money is safe? Idk, maybe it's her way to relax, many people buy stuff to be happy for awhile even if they shouldn't... I do that.



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