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A YouTube video from 2017 is gaining attention as a YouTuber talks about Mina's poor attitude while filming AOA's "Heart Attack" music video


With new information being released on the AOA bullying controversy and the public opinions turning away from Mina, netizens are gathering their attention to a video that was released four years ago.

Since last year, there has been a continuing controversy after former AOA member Mina claimed she had been bullied by former AOA leader Jimin for more than ten years while promoting with the girl group. This ongoing scandal stirred up the entertainment industry as Mina continuously posted disturbing photos of self-harm andclaimed that she had suffered both mentally and physically due to Jimin's bullying. 

Many netizens and fans were concerned for Mina, with the public opinion leaning in favor of Mina. Many were quick to attack Jimin leading the former member to close her YouTube channel and completely disappear from the industry altogether. Nevertheless, Mina continued to share content on her social media about the AOA bullying incident over the span of a year leading to more controversies over her irrational actions. Slowly, many netizens have turned their backs on Mina as they state they are tired of her antics and lies.

Now, netizens are bringing a YouTube video from 2017 to light. The YouTube video is from the Chilean YouTuber Min Manse, who took part in filming AOA's "Heart Attack" music video. Min Manse shared his experience filming with the AOA members in the YouTube video and explained how each member was on the filming set.

While talking about his experience with Mina, Min Manse explained, "On the other hand, when I met Mina. Mina, well...sincerely, I didn't like her." He elaborated, saying that Mina was not kind but "was very heavy and arrogant with everyone. I think she lacked being more expressive with people." The YouTuber also explained that Mina was doing things on her own and not with the group. He explained, "I mean if we all went to the same way, she was going to the opposite. And I didn't like her behavior. She didn't greet people, she was always away from everyone. That was my experience...Sincerely, everybody was having a great day but she was not. Finally, I think that Mina needs to change her attitude." 

With more information being uncovered about the AOA bullying incident and an increasing number of controversies over Mina's behavior, netizens are claiming that the YouTuber had already shared about Mina's true personality, and everything he had shared was being proven to be correct.


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Nicole_Cervantes5,920 pts 9 days ago 0
9 days ago

So as the leader, this is what Jimin was having to deal with all the time while trying to build a successful group, only to have it all turned on her. That’s so sad. Jimin and the other girls truly deserved better.



Ramenbitch1,214 pts 9 days ago 70
9 days ago

I don't quite agree with a lot of comments here. I don't get why so many people always have to think in black and white. You see this kind of mindset a lot in cancel culture too. Either you're this perfectly good person or you're this evil being, when in reality, most of us are somewhere in between. I understand that Mina does many things that aren't ok but that doesn't suddenly make Jimin innocent. Some people here are acting like she did nothing wrong just because Mina makes mistakes too. Also, people who have been hurt often distance themselves from others which can come off as arrogant but really those are two different pair of shoes.


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