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Mina posts evidence of self-harm responding to AOA Jimin's denial of alleged bullying


[Content Warning: Self-harm and injury]

Former AOA member Mina has posted evidence of self-harm following Jimin's denial of alleged bullying. 

As previously reported, former member Mina wrote a post on Instagram alleging she was bullied during her time as an AOA member, and Jimin posted and deleted a short message that stated, "Fiction," seemingly denying Mina's claims.

Mina has now made another post, directly responding to Jimin's "Fiction" post. Fans are alarmed as she also shared an image of self-harm scars on her left wrist. The former AOA member's post states as follows:

"I've only said one out of 1000000000000 things that happened. Try saying it's fiction, you'll be punished by heaven. Don't be like that. There are witnesses and evidence. I'm sorry, but there's no need to hear from both sides because I did nothing wrong. During our last days together, I wanted to get hair implants, but I was late to get to dance practice because the anesthesia was wasn't wearing off. I called in advance, but as soon as I heard your voice, I knew you would turn things into chaos so I didn't go to the dance practice room. That day, I tried to commit suicide again. That was my biggest wrongdoing. I've said everything I've done wrong, so should I share stories about you now? There's so many that it would be bothersome to write all of them down. To say this is fiction, if you had a conscience... why did you delete it? Try calling it fiction, there will be a lot of people who would be flabbergasted to hear that. Oh, yeah. Even back then, you said you couldn't remember, and you weren't a bad person who would say things like that, right? Wow, it must be nice to be able to erase your memory like that. They say those who say hurtful words usually can't remember them. Please erase my memory too. Please, please. Then again, you could probably see my wrist and not feel any guilty, right? You'd probably curse in my face."

"Fiction? To say it is would be fiction that's too scary. Unni, I underwent 3-4 rounds of scar treatment, and the scars have become lighter. But unni, the memories don't go away. I'm going crazy every day. Jimin unni, the law? What, a lawsuit? I can't do that because I don't have money. Compensation for mental damage? I don't need any of that, and I don't have any intentions to do that. I just feel it's so unfair that I became ruined because of you, unni. I'm in pain, and I'm going through a hard time. What I want is for you to come in front of me and admit your wrongdoing and apologize sincerely. I think that would be enough. Unni, you bullied me, and you're living well. For me, opening my eyes every day is torture, but I have to feed my family. Please acknowledge it and apologize to me. I want to let go of the lump inside my heart too, okay?"

[Content Warning: Self-harm and injury]

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소설?이라기엔 너무 무서운 소설이야 언니 흉터치료3~4번 했더니 연해졌어 근데 언니 기억이 안사라져 매일 매일 미치겠어 지민언니 난 법? 뭐 소송? 돈 없어서 못해 정신적 피해보상? 뭐 다 필요없어 할 생각없고 난 그냥 내가 언니 때문에 망가진게 너무 너무 억울하고 아파 힘들어 내가 바라는 건 내 앞에와서 잘못 인.정. 하고 진심어린 사과 한마디면 그거면 될 것 같아 나 괴롭힌 언닌 너무 잘 지내고 있잖아..난 매일이 눈 뜨는게 고통인데 말이야 근데 집은 먹여 살려야해서 말이지 인정 좀 하고 사과 좀 해주라 나도 마음에 응어리진 것 좀 풀자 응?

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나 1000000000000개 중에 1개 이야기 했어 소설이라고 해봐 언니 천벌 받아 그러지마 증인이 있고 증거가 있어 미안하지만 양쪽말 들을게 없어 내가 잘못한게 없거든 맨 마지막에 댄스실 헤어라인 심고 싶어서 했다가 마취 덜 풀려서 늦어가지고 미리 전화 했는데 언니 목소리 듣자 마자 언니가 또 완전 난리가 날것 같아서 댄스실 가지도 못했어 그리고 그날도 자살시도를 했지 이게 가장 큰 잘 못 이다 자 이제 내 잘못은 다 이야기 했어 언니 썰은 풀어 말어? 너무 많아서 적기 귀찮아 근데 소설 이라는 말은 언니 양심이 있으면..왜 지워 언니 그냥 소설이라고 해봐 주변에 어이없어 할 사람 꽤 있을텐데 아 하긴 그때도 기억 안나고 뭐 그런말할 나쁜년은 아닌거 같은데? 라고 했지? 와 기억 잘 지워져서 좋겠다 원래 욕한사람은 잘 기억못한다더라 내 기억도 제발 좀 지워줘 언니 제발 제발 하긴 언닌 내 손목보고도 죄책감 못 느낄껄? 내 얼굴보고 욕하지 싶다 아마도

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If you or someone you know is at risk of self-harm or suicide, seek help as soon as possible by contacting agencies specializing in crisis intervention and suicide prevention in the United States and abroad.
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LoveKpopfromAust3,812 pts Friday, July 3, 2020 11
Friday, July 3, 2020

This is extremely worrying. She needs her mother or close friend(s) to physically come to her now as this is only escalating.


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missymello1,167 pts Friday, July 3, 2020 0
Friday, July 3, 2020

This is terrifying



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