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Wheein personally announces her new agency on Instagram and shares new photos


Just about a month ago, MAMAMOO's Whee In reportedly signed an exclusive contract with THE L1VE.

According to the media reports on August 9th, Whee In has signed an exclusive contract with THE L1VE. THE L1VE is a label run by VIXX's Ravi after she parted ways with RBW Entertainment. Unlike Ravi's hip hop label GROOVL1N, THE L1VE plans to host and support artists of various genres such as Ailee.

Whee In has shown her credibility as a strong vocalist since her debut as a MAMAMOO member in 2014. Previously, it was reported she was in talks with Jay Park's H1GHR MUSIC; however, she will continue her music career with the support from THE L1VE.

On August 31 at midnight, Whee In took to her Instagram to personally announce that she had joined THEL1VE and will begin her new journey with the label. She wrote:

Hello, this is Whee In. I will be diligently active to show Moomoos who have waited a long time and everyone who has supported me good music and great performances through THE L1VE (@thel1ve_official) 😃💪🏻

I will continue to be active with MAMAMOO and also my solo promotions just as I do now. So, please show much support!

Also, our Moomoos whom I love~
I will put forth the effort to show you everything that you want so trust in me! 🤎
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Monday, August 30, 2021

I want to explain why this might be the best option for her since still there are people saying "no I don't trust him don't do it!!!"

Probably the biggest reason why she chose the l1ve is as she also mentioned in her message she doesn't want to leave mamamoo even though she will leave the company. Ravi does this for years, he left jellyfish and opened his own agency but he is still in vixx and he's promoting with them. So ravi is the best person to help her in continuing her solo career while still promoting with her group, he knows how it works and he can help wheein easily.

Secondly, ravi can help her work in different genres and different projects since he likes doing a new concept or trying a new style in every song. Wheein would be free in doing whatever she likes and trying new styles as she desire in the l1ve. Also she would get more support and promotions in her works since she's the second artist under the l1ve after ailee.

And please don't come at me saying stupid things like "he's a pervert" or "he disrespect women", ravi is one of the most respectful idols I ever saw in kpop industry towards women. He even have songs about respecting women and treating everyone same. He's friends with many female idols also even mamamoo members solar and moonbyul are close friends with him. Don't judge people only from what you heard from others and please actually do some research if you want to hate on someone

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umaybaby4,907 pts Monday, August 30, 2021 0
Monday, August 30, 2021

I love how confident and happy she looks lately i wish her the best she is an angel.

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