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Netizens furious over Mnet 'using' & 'insulting' a veteran idol contestant for buzz yet again on 'Girls Planet 999'


Netizens can't believe that Mnet is blatantly repeating the same tactics used during its 'Produce' series yet again for its newest idol survival program, 'Girls Planet 999'. 

Earlier on July 30, Mnet revealed a preview clip for the upcoming premiere of 'Girls Planet 999', airing next week on August 6 at 8:20 PM KST. In the preview, a contestant from the C-group (Chinese group) is suddenly asked to "say a word" to CLC's Yujin, a veteran K-Pop idol contestant participating on the show. 

The C-group contestant is then seen "dissing" Yujin while singing a snippet of CLC's "Helicopter", creating a dramatic atmosphere. 

Even in a past teaser for 'Girls Planet 999', which shared snippets of the program's mentors watching the contestants' audition clips, netizens felt that Yujin was being "insulted" unfairly. While showing Yujin's audition clip of her dancing to a KARA song, the caption read, "A rather old song choice"

Many netizens raised heavy voices of criticism for Mnet's same old tactics. Many of you will remember that during 'Produce 48', similar tactics were used on After School's Kaeun to create buzz-worthy moments on the show. Then, during the finale, the program's producers rigged the viewers' votes so that Kaeun, who should have finished 5th, was unfairly eliminated as "14th place". 

Netizens commented in anger,

"Mnet hasn't come to its senses at all. WTF are they doing."
"Once again, Mnet is so good at making viewers angry."
"Someone please save Yujin TT."
"A 26-year old is 'old'? How old are you, the one who put that caption??"
"Look how bluntly rude they are being..."
"Everything about this show already makes me so angry."
"I'm not watching for my own peace of mind~ I'm not watching this stupid show~"
"It's too bad we can't use curse words on the community~ Mnet, everyone already knows this is 'Produce' with a slightly different name so quit your act~"
"Mnet... no brains in their heads as usual."
"Pretty sure they're gonna use Yujin all they want and then rig her votes at the end."
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Lunelvr1,754 pts Friday, July 30, 2021 1
Friday, July 30, 2021

I can tell that this show won’t do as good as Produce series because of kpop fandom learning their lessons halfway but still some blind gg stans will watch even tho they know there is no justice

But the way the girl that dissed Yujin is the same girl that said n word many times even tho she

knows English is even more frustrating- tsk Yujin deserves better than this bs

And it seems like it was planned that she will ask Yujin? Otherwise how would she know that song, make a diss out of it and so luckily out of all trainees they would point to Yujin? Mnet bab ur fishy


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Poppiex8940 pts Friday, July 30, 2021 4
Friday, July 30, 2021
did you guys see sunmi and tiffany's faces in the clip? they don't like impressed either. like " :/ "
i feel bad for Yujin. i will fully support her, but i can definitely see Mnet taking her out of the final group and just using her for views


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