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2PM's Nichkhun confesses that he was almost drafted into Thailand's military


2PM member Nichkhun shared that he almost joined the military in Thailand.

In the latest episode of SBS Power FM's 'Cultwo Show at 2 O'Clock' that aired on July 8, the veteran boy group 2PM appeared as special guests to promote their new mini-album 'MUST.' All six members - Jun.K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung - appeared on the show to talk about various topic.

On this day, Nichkhun shared that he had been waiting with fans for all the members to return from their mandatory military service for five years. Nichkhun explained, "I sent off each member one by one and I have been waiting for five years with fans."

Nichkhun also shared a story in which he was almost drafted into the military in Thailand a few years back. He explained that in Thailand, you are drafted into the military by drawing lots. He shared, "Thailand decides if you join the army by drawing lots. If you draw red, you go to the army, if you draw black, you are exempted." Nichkhun explained he participated and went to draw. 

He explained, "There were a lot of cameras because the drawing was broadcast live on the news. The host there said, 'there is a celebrity among us so let's ask them to pick first.' So I went up and picked first. I drew a red paper." 

He continued to tell the story saying, "But at that time, there were a lot of applicants for the military already, so the number of people who can join the army was already full." Nichkhun said, "The host called it a demonstration and said, 'if you pick red like this, you will join the military.' but he said no one is going today." Nichkhun luckily did not need to join the military, thanks to the applicants that filled the space that year.

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17 days ago

I remember seeing videos of this back in 2009-10, too.



hiroonakamura4,254 pts 17 days ago 2
17 days ago

i never understood why labels dont tell members of popular groups to enlist at the same time. Then your group stops promoting only for 2 years instead of 4-6 years with lots of people missing (and in some cases no comebacks)


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