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ATEEZ San's grandfather passes away


On May 29, ATEEZ's label KQ Entertainment released an official statement to notify fans that member San's grandfather has passed away.

The agency stated:

"Hello, this is KQ Entertainment.
We deliver the unfortunate news that ATEEZ member San's grandfather has passed away as of this day.
As a result, he will be unable to attend the upcoming 'MyMusicTaste' global online fan sign event for 'Zero: Fever Part.2' this Sunday.
The fan sign event will take place with 6-members participating, and we will notify fans individually of member San's fan sign schedules after making the proper adjustments.
Furthermore, the upcoming event 'Map The Extraordinaire with Perrier' also scheduled to take place this Sunday will be adjusted, and we will notify all participants with a separate email. We ask ATINY for your understanding.
We pray for the deceased's safe passage, and we also ask for you warm comfort and encouragements.
Thank you."

Our condolences to San and his family.

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xx-jenn-xx Allkill VIP 7,603 pts 15 days ago 8
15 days ago

They raised San more than his parents, he was extremely close to them, I even remember in the treasure movie how hard he cried calling them because he couldn't be around them. My condolences to him and I hope he takes all the time he needs and gets some proper rest. Atiny's are extremely understanding of this unfortunate situation, he doesn't need to rush himself back or work too hard. We Love You San ♥


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aviations435 pts 15 days ago 6
15 days ago

I've heard how San valued his grandparents so much, genuine condolences for him and I hope that he doesn't push himself. It's so hard to lose loved ones, especially during the pandemic and I wish for his well-being.


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